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McTired's Rantings

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Hi i'm AlchemistX, or Cara McTired (McTired isn't my real last name, but i call myself that because i'm tired and sleep all the time.) I live in what i call OZ, basically Kansas. On a farm, but I constantly move from the U.S. of A to Germany were my Mutti (mother) is currently stationed. I love to Write, Sleep, Ride my pony, Eat, and Sleep some more. I'm on my second year of High school! and thats about it!

Heiderich/Edward is sweet, caring, angsty, and domestic kind of love

Made by pandarot

Ed x Ling pwns your OTP is love
Made by _joha @ fukikomu

Roy/Edward is paternal pure fanservice love

Made by pandarot

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