Femme!Ed/Ling story is gone. I'm angry. Have to start over. Really don't want to. gdfhjfjhgjhdshjfjksdjkfsjkfjsfdjkfdjhsfdjhfdjd!!!

Greed!Ling got angry and ate it.
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I got something done!!! YES!!!!! I WROTE I WROTE!!!!!! 

The final part of the Pride!Ed/ Ling series thingy is done and in the hands of the beta. Now I'm off to finish the Femme!Ed story, jesus I know its late but blame the finigers, they refuse to write stories. I had to force them!! D:
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Oh. My. I'm home.

It feels so good to be home. After walking around in the blazing sun from dusk till dark. Ugh. I'm going to be working all night on velvet_mace's birthday gift. I'll have it in the hands of my beta and back by hopefully tomorrow. : )
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Completly pulled out of my ass, but I wanted to post something because I'll be gone for a week.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Title:  In sickness and in health

Author/Artist: alchemistx
Theme: #20. Never leave me again

Pairing/Characters: Ed/Ling
Summary: This
was what he had been trying to avoid.


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When I come back I HAVE to finish a Ling/ Femme!Ed I have in the making for velvet_mace

Just got home...

Just got home from a all dat trip to Brussell's. I need sleep, a shower, I'm going to church this evening. So between then I have a whole mess of plot bunnies that I want to type up. Okay, i'm off.
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Thank You

Dear Muses and plot bunnies, 

Thank you for coming back, and showing you still love me, but I gotta say, theres too much love and theres too much inspiration going on. I need to get some things done before you give me more. Don't get me wrong, I still love you guys, but i'm working as hard as a damn well can. So give me a break! I'm on vacation!
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I realize i've been ignoring you guess, and i'm very very sorry. I'm on vacation you see, and I'd rather sleep all day and read then type. But I realize that that cruel, and you guess are low on fics. So I'm trying my hardest to get some out to you. I'm working on the Second part of that Ed/Envy -Ling thing HERE right now, and will hopefully have it up in a day or two (maybe three.) 

But excuses and promises never get anyone anywhere. So here is something I hope will make you all forgive me. 

Title: Paradise
Pairing: Russell/Edward, voyeurism from Ling. 
Rating: R

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If You Didn't know...
1. I made a new post of Ling x Ed Icons, there are some reference GreedLing x Ed icons, and a Envy x Ed icon. HERE 
2. Omigosh! I got on Gaiaonline. Friend Me. ceasefire already did. 
3. I'm in a hungry mood for comments. So please leave some. ^ ^