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[Hohenheim/Heiderich fic]

Pairing like this, is why we have fma_rare :)

Pairing: Hohenheim/Heiderich  Heiderich/Ed
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It was inevitable. The boy had had a taste of a man's touch (Especially an Elric's touch) and would not be able to turn it away...
Words: 2374


"Lad, why don't you have a drink?" Hohenheim asked, offering his bear mug to the young blond German boy in front of him.

Heiderich looked up from his new rocket book in confusion. He eyed the beer mug, then Hohenheim. His blue eyes told Hohenheim everything he could ever want to know about the boy, like now, they told him that Alfons was debating whether he should refuse the offer, or take it, even though he really didn't care much for a drink.

Yes, Heiderich really was easy to read, Much easier then Edward. He could tell Heiderich was a delicate boy; he had gotten sick twice in the short time Hohenheim stayed with him and Ed. He was also very easy to get along with, and very trusting. Which was why Hohenheim thought him the best solution for his little problem.

For years, Hohenheim as gone with out sex. His body was crying out for release, to feel the pleasure that only having intercourse could bring. Trisha, his wife, was dead. Has been for years. He was no longer bound to being a loyal husband to her. Now, he was a lonely widower, looking for a new lover.

Edward had always reminded him of Trisha. He ached whenever Ed walked around the house without a shirt, or slept in a lazy position on the couch. His son really looked feminine when he smiled, or laughed, or was having a good time, but when that familiar scowl appeared on his face, Hohenheim was jerked back to the reality that Edward was a growing man. His son, no less. Lusting after him would only bring more distrust from Ed, and shame Trisha, who should rest in peace.

So that left Heiderich, Edward's research partner. The boy was (as Edward had told him) his youngest son's alter. If Hohenheim looked hard enough, he could see the resemblance in him that Alter Trisha provided. He had much of Ed's looks, only taller, blonder, and paler. He wasn't as muscular as Ed, maybe a little on the scrawny side since food was scarce these days. But Heiderich was a looker, nonetheless. He would have to do for Hohenheim's plans.

Ed was out, looking for more books and picking up some groceries, at Heiderich's request, which meant he would be gone a good three or four hours. Giving Hohenheim plenty of time to sober up the boy.

"No thank you, Professor, I don't really drink." Heiderich's face flushed in embarrassment, as he admitted he was weak in the stomach and couldn't hold much liquor.

'Makes it all the more easier for me.' The dirty voice in Hohenheim's mind beamed. The older man pushed the beer mug closer to where Heiderich sat. "Come now, you're German. You can't tell me you don't drink."

Heiderich blushed. "Well... I do during Oktober Fest. But that's about it..."

"Well this is really good beer." Hohenheim encouraged, "The best in Germany, I was told. I think you can afford to try some."

Heiderich looked down at the beer mug regrettably, "Well..." he started and reached for the mug. "I guess I could try some." He picked it up and held it to his lips. He made a small slurping sound as he sipped a bit of the alcohol, trying not to drink too much. A moment later he set the beer down, and licking his lips trying to get more of the taste. "It's good," he commented.

Hohenheim smiled, "Well then, help yourself. Consider it a treat, Alfons, you've been working very hard with young Edward. I think a break is in order."

He was pressuring the lad, and it was working. Heiderich picked the mug up again, looked at it, then took a swig.

One gulp, two gulps... By the fifth gulp the boy was waiting desperately for a drop to fall into his mouth from the bottom of the mug.

He set it down, a bit forcibly without realizing. The table shook and Alfons just leaned happily into his chair, a pleasurable look on his face.

Hohenheim gaped at the empty mug. For someone who didn't drink much, the boy had downed that beer quickly (and happily.) He picked up the mug and looked at Alfons. "More?" he offered.

Heiderich smiled and nodded lazily.

Hohenheim chuckled at his drunken state and got up to retrieve more of the fine beer. Best in Germany indeed, and the most alcoholic, at that! It wouldn't take long for Alfons to be in such a drunken state that he wouldn't even notice if the world around him just blew up.

This, Hohenheim concluded, has been too easy.


Four beers later, Alfons was in such a state that he was mumbling on and on about some imaginary breakthrough he and Edward had had. Hohenheim looked at the small clock that hung in corner of the room. Edward had been gone for an hour and a half, so he still had time.

He picked his heavy body up and Heiderich looked at him with half-closed eyelids. "Wha?" he mumbled.

"My boy, it appears you are drunk!" Hohenheim chuckled, trying to scoop Alfons up in his arms, to start with his sinful plans.

Heiderich waved him off, "Naw, I'm not- I'm not... Okay, maybe... I am." He giggled at the thought of being drunk; his face was flushed red, and he was breathing heavily as if he was hot. He really was a delectable like this.

"You should lie down, I believe you've had to much to drink. Want me to help you to your bed?" Hohenheim asked as he crouched beside the German.

Heiderich looked at him sleepily, then nodded, "Y-yeah..." With his consent, the older man scooped the blond up into his arms. The weight on his dying skin made Hohenheim grimace a little, but truthfully the boy didn't weigh too much.

Hohenheim carried him up the stairs of their tiny house, and to his room, which was empty. Spare the papers were tossed on his desk, scattered among various books, and then there was the bed. Small, but big enough for two, with two small pillows and a thin blanket. He laid Heiderich down. "You look hot," he noted.

"I feel hot..." Heiderich smiled and placed a hand on his forehead. "Wow, what a rush..."

Now he was speaking nonsense. "Let me take your clothes off..." Hohenheim reached down and touched one of the suspenders, sliding it to the edge of Al's shoulder, before one of Heiderich's big hands came up and touch his.

"It's-It's okay, I can do it," he mumbled. Hohenheim backed off, while Al struggled to sit up. The boy fumbled with his clothing, clumsy hands couldn't even undo one button in ten minutes. Finally Hohenheim sighed and reached down to help him. Heiderich moaned a little in protest, saying he could do it himself, but Hohenheim ignored it. Finally, he had Heiderich's shirt off. Al shivered when his skin became exposed, even though it wasn't cold at all.

He looked up at Hohenheim, eyes glazed over and confused at what would happen next. The 'rush' was gone in him, and his lips parted slightly. Hohenheim gulped, it was now... Or never. He leaned forward and captured Heiderich's lips. Al didn't do anything for a moment, not understanding what was happening, while Hohenheim nibbled on his lips, then used his tongue to ask the younger man for entrance to his mouth. Heiderich obeyed and Hohenheim's tongue darted in, tracing Heiderich's hot, alcoholic mouth. The taste of beer was faint. Heiderich made a strangled sound, and Hohenheim pulled away, breathing a little hard and trying to catch his breath.

Oh, how he had missed kissing someone... Tasting their mouth.. His mind wandered to what Alfons' mouth must taste like when he hadn't had five beers. Before he could think anymore, though, Heiderich grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him down into another lip-locking kiss.

The young man was clearly too drunk to know what was going on, but Hohenheim made no move to stop him. While Heiderich continued kissing him, moving his mouth this way and that, making the kiss sloppy, Hohenheim traced his hands up and down his back. Getting lower and lower, until...

He felt the boy's hands tug needfully on his shirt, asking him to take it off. The old man chuckled, and gently pulled Hiederich's hands away from his shirt, not wanting to expose his decaying skin to him. "No, No..." he cooed, then started laying wet kisses on Heiderich's head, then lower toward the neck.

The two fell down on the bed, Hohenheim lying on top of Al, still holding the boy's hands gently. If he struggled, he would let go. But Al didn't. He moaned with every kiss, with every touch. His body silently begged for more with its shivers and arching. Hohenheim was in complete control, it was how it always was, this was how he liked it.

Slowly he let go of Al's hands, and he began to undo the blonde's trousers. Heiderich groaned, "Ugh- S-St..."

"Stop?" Hohenheim asked, his motions paused.

Heiderich shook his head, "No-" he moaned, "I-I'm just embarrassed... I'm not that handsome, and I don't... Want you to stop..."

Hohenheim chuckled, how innocent. "Trust me," he whispered against Alfons' neck, "I won't stop." He sounded like a pervert, a dirty old man, which was what he probably was. If Heiderich was in a right state of mind, he would see Van Hohenheim could care less if he was the prettiest boy in all of Germany, or the ugliest.

He just wanted release.

The bulge in his own pants was becoming very uncomfortable. As soon as Heiderich's dark pants fell to his ankles, along with his white breifs, Hohenheim worked on his own pants. He made sure to keep his shirt on, sleeves rolled down, so none of his skin would touch the boy. His pants fell down to his ankles and he stepped out of them quickly before he returned to the aroused boy on the bed.

This time while they kissed, Heiderich ground his groin against Hohenheim's. Oh, the boy is just ripe, and ready for the taking.

But there was some preparation that needed to be done.

Hohenheim crawled over Heiderich, so his cock hung in the other's face. "I need you to suck..." he instructed, and Al did. Without question, he eagerly took the member into his mouth, and played with his tongue. Sucked, licked, nibbled. That caused Hohenheim to grow hard, and give out his own groan. "More...More... We need it to be wet," he stated.

Heiderich moved his mouth off the member, licked his lips, then continued to do as the Professor said. The boy was good, had he done this before? Hohenheim groaned, then his hips bucked and he came. Heiderich quickly turned his head, before to much of the white liquid could get into his mouth.

He didn't like the taste, and started coughing. Hohenheim bent down, and pet the light blond hair lovingly. He had had his release, but he wanted more. Now he wanted to take Alfons, and give him equal pleasure to what the boy had given him. "Okay son, spread your legs wide." Alfons did. "Good, now this might hurt, relax."

Heiderich didn't answer, he licked his lips and nodded warily. He looked tired, but he could take a nap when they were done.

Hohenheim guided his member to Al's entrance, and then pushed it in. Alfons made a loud grunting sound, his body tensed. Hohenheim made little noises to calm him, petting the hair again. Heiderich seemed to like that. The muscles around Hohenheim's cock loosened and he began to thrust, in and out, in and out. Al moaned with every movement. Small amounts of blood pooled down his thighs, making it easier for Hohenheim to move. The old man smiled, 'A virgin, Alfons you're too good to me.' Hohenheim began to pump his hands up and down Heiderich's shaft, adding to the boy's pleasure. With both going at once, it didn't take long for Heiderich to scream with his own release.

Hohenheim smiled and pulled out. He pet the boy's hair, as Al breathed in and out, trying to catch his breath.

It had been great, mind-blowing sex. With a sigh, Hohenheim rested his chin atop Heiderich's head, waiting for the young man's body to recover from what it had been through. Moments later, Hohenheim looked down and saw Heiderich had fallen asleep. He smiled and kissed his forehead, then gently got out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Alfons would have one hell of a hangover.. Would he even remember what had happened? Hohenheim paused, as he put a rag under the sink and let cold water drench it.

Probably not, he concluded, But memories would soon resurface, and before he knew it Heiderich would be coming to him, wanting more. It was inevitable. The boy had had a taste of a man's touch (Especially an Elric's touch) and would not be able to turn it away...


A week had passed, and as predicted, Alfons Heiderich had not remembered what went on between him and Edward's father. He grumbled about, 'Never drinking again' and about how 'Sore he was from whatever he had done when he was drunk.' As smart as he was in science, the boy could not put two and two together.

Edward wasn't happy when he heard Al drank five beers, and showed no pity to him when his partner complained that they should sleep instead of work.

And as also predicted, Heiderich did succumb to an Elric's touch, and came back begging for more. Just... Not from the Elric that Hohenheim had thought.

Instead, the elder man had the unpleasant surprise of walking in the study to find Alfons hungrily kissing Ed, and Ed returning the kiss with just as much enthusiasm.

Hohenheim turned away from the sight, exhaling a long and distant sigh.

The world was not kind to him.




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