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[Roy/Lust fic #2]

The Second one for moeshmoe .

Pairng: Roy/Lust
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: "Ed? Could Homunculi have babies?"
Words: 713

"I'm home!"

The house was quiet except for the sound of the door closing, and the house keys rattling in Roy's hand as he placed them in a safe spot.

He sighed and ran his gloved fingers through his jet black hair, looking around his dark home. He had gotten no reply, so he assumed his young lover had gone to bed.

A shuffling sound was heard, and the light in the living room clicked on, "Welcome home, dear!" someone sneered. Roy's head snapped to attention at the sound of the voice.

Lust stepped into view, a bundle clutched in her arms.

A thousand questions raced through Roy's mind as he watched her bring up her hand (her claws) to brush some unruly locks out of his face when he saw it... There was blood on those dark claws of hers.

It was faint, he couldn't really see it on the nails, but it dripped onto his nice, white carpet, staining it. He sucked in a sharp breath as realization hit him hard. "Where's Edward?"

She let out a cold laugh, and to mock him, licked the blood from her nails. Roy glanced at the stairs that lead up to the his and Ed's room, where his lover would be curled up in bed...sleeping.

He secured his footing, getting ready to make a dash for the stairs, while he kept his gaze locked on Lust as she fidgeted with her bundle. He made the sudden pivot and got ready to sprint, but before he could even take one step, Lust's claw shot out and lodged itself in front of him and the stairs. Another claw was planted inside the wall on the other side of Roy, and yet another was found dangerously close to Roy's head. Definitely a warning.

"Oh... I don't think you want to go up there and see him," she assured.

Roy gave her an icy stare and brought his gloved hand up in a snapping position. "What. Did. You. Do?" he demanded, saying each word with a equal amount of venom.

She didn't laugh, or make a cool remark, instead looking longingly at her bundle. "He was in the way... Of our family..."

"Our what? What happened between you and me was nothing! You... You seduced me!" he accused, pointing a finger at her. "Besides, what family! I don't love... Or even like you... We could never... Can never..." Lust unwrapped her bundle and Roy suddenly found himself at a loss of words, as he stared at the hideous... Thing.

It was a baby, that... Well, looked evil! Maybe even mutated. Its eyes were pointed and narrow, nose scrunched up in a ugly way, and its baldness showed a cone-shaped head.

Roy gaped and Lust gave him a triumphant smile. "Our family..." she repeated. Finally the words sank in and Roy's mind went numb. He didn't even notice Lust recoiling her claws and stalking up to him. His mind was on automatic as she pushed her lips on his and pressed their baby to his chest.

'No, it couldn't have happened... It was a one-time thing... I-I... And now Ed's dead.. What have I done? What am I going to do?' Tears trickled down his cheeks, and Lust skillfully licked them away.

"Now, Now Honey. Crying is for the baby..."


He kicked, and hit something hard. Maybe that was what woke him up, but the next thing Roy knew was he was blinking away sleep from his eyes, and finding himself sweat drenched in his bed...

"Roy? God, why'd you kick me?"

...with Ed.

"Ed?" he asked, and found his voice wasn't working right. He cleared his throat and called again, "Ed?"

The little blond head poked out from under the blankets and the sixteen year old looked at him with tired, annoyed eyes. "What?" he asked.

Roy found himself smiling. "Nothing..." he assured, and rested his head back on his fluffy pillow, "Nothing..." A moment passed, and he heard Ed give out a gruff sigh before snuggling back under the covers. A few more minutes later, Roy found himself asking, "Ed? Could Homunculi have babies?"

There was an awkward silence in the room, before Ed said, "Go to sleep Roy."



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