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[Roy/Lust fic #1] [Sep. 24th, 2005|08:33 am]
[Current Mood |worrieduh?]

Here's a story I did because moeshmoe  asked for more Roy/Lust fics in the world. This one turned out pretty crappy, but it lead to the second one. So I guess that makes up for it! :p

Raiting: Pg-13
Summary: After that he had lost all sense of reality.
Words:  207

Roy wasn't even sure, if what happened...

It all felt like a dream. His mind and all senses had been glazed over with lust and desire. And when she had stumbled, he found that was his chance to get the upper hand in their quarrel. Nothing more.

The upper hand, however, lead to him pinning her to the wall, where he got a close up look at her full, red lips. Where her big, perky breasts had rubbed against his chest through his layers of fabric and uniform, and where he looked deep into her droopy bedroom eyes.

After that he had lost all sense of reality.

He thought he had been hurting her. Defeating her with his rough, unmerciful kisses. Being rough with her, as he groped those big perfect breasts, and forcing her into ravaging kisses.

But deep inside he knew, she was playing with him. She had wanted him, like the wild, lust driven animal that she was. Letting him think he was winning, until after the inferno of passion was gone.

And he woke up from this hazy dream, unsure, but willing to forget.

Forget, for his future in the military, and forget for the person who waited for him at home.


Get it! Get it! He had a affair with Ed :p