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The Pit
Pairing: Al/Rooty!Vine!Tentacles
Summary:12:05 ... He's late.
Warning: Rape (Both Tentacle and human.)discribes mutilated bodies.
Words: 2655
Status: One-shot

For youkofujima 's challenge, yay! I finally get to post it!

I have some valuable information about the disappearance of your brother, meet me at midnight, at the construction site of the new military head quarters.-

Al defiantly had a small jump in his step after receiving the secret note, a boyish grin from ear to ear was worn on the thirteen-year-old's face. His ponytail swished from side to side, as he walked down the empty streets of central to the arranged meeting place.

The construction site didn't have much construction going on. It was a mere patch of land, bare of anything except dirt and a few steel bars strewn throughout the place. A small forest surrounded it, and only one light pole lit up the area.

Al stood under it, twiddling his thumbs and occasionally glancing at his state alchemist pocket watch.

12:05 ... He's late. He noted closing the watch and shoving it into his pocket. He really hoped this wasn't just another cruel joke being played on him again. The other military officers, alchemists and soldiers took a sick pleasure in teasing him about his long lost brother and the fact that he believed Edward was still alive... somewhere.

"Your brother's dead, get over it. Honestly," they would say, "you’re like a child that refuses to believe Santa Claus isn't real."

Riza Hawkeye, or Havoc would usually come up and cut them short. Alphonse appreciated it greatly. They still believed Ed was alive, yet no one mocked them because they were now respectable colonels.

Roy Mustang also believed Ed was alive... but he now resided by the border of Drachma, barely staying in touch with anyone.

A letter would surface every now and then, reassuring Alphonse in his quest. But lately the letters stopped coming, and Alphonse assumed Roy had giving up hope.

It was sad to see someone he and Ed had admired for always being cocky and seemingly knowing everything, to wither away like that.

...When the other officer's weren't teasing him about his brother, they would tease him about Roy.

Suddenly a bright light was shined in his eyes. Al closed them and held up a hand to block it, since the owner didn't seem to move, "H-Hello?" he asked, cracking his eyes open, trying to see the person.

All he could make out was their outline. A man - a tall, older man - dressed in a dirty blue uniform. Then, to the left of that man he saw another, and to his left, another. Al counted the outlines of the officers and found that there were five of them.

"What do you know, he came," one said.

"Told you that note would work," the one holding the flashlight said.

Al still couldn't see them, he tried talking again, "H-Hello, I'm here because... I received a n-note." he stuttered over his words, and mentally slapped himself for it.

All five men chuckled, "Yes, well the note is the last thing on our mind right now," the flashlight holder cooed, finally moving the light out of Al's eyes and down to his pants.

Al gulped, and his face flushed as the other men agreed.

This wasn't about his brother... he concluded, it never was. The note was just bait, and he took it happily and gullibly, acting as childish and innocent as he looked.

"So who wants at em' first?" one man asked, Al gulped. What were these men going to do to him? Acting on impulse Al bolted to the left, running for all he was worth. Behind him he heard the men yell and then heavy footsteps behind him. It was hard to tell if he could outrun them. He was smaller and probably faster, but these were military men, men at their psychical peek.

If he could just get to the woods, he might be able to find cover and hid until they left. Then he could go home... never to speak of this night again.

But as Al's mind raced, he didn't see the steel bar that laid in the darkness, and he fell hard. He could hear the footsteps behind him coming closer and picking up speed.Al knew he wouldn't have enough time to scramble to his feet before someone would tackle him down again, so he rolled to the side just as dirt beside him was kicked up.

He didn't stop rolling either, he kept going covering his face with his arms until he heard his body crunch leaves and twigs under his weight. He made it to the woods...

He moved his arms and blinked to the darkness of the woods. His breath was coming fast, he gulped, and continued panting, wondering where his pursers had gone, when an arm wrapped around his neck in a choke hold, and a hand clamped over his mouth before he could scream.

"Hey, I got him!" his captor yelled.

Al's mind raced. He had to get free. He thrashed his legs and arms wildly, trying to blindly hit someone, as he heard more twigs crunch. "Hold his legs..." someone commanded, and his legs were pinned to the ground before Al knew what was happening. The flashlight was back, showing his captors his vulnerability, and giving them all access.

"Who goes first?" someone asked.

"I don't care, someone just go!" The man choking Al grunted.

Tears jerked at Al's eyes as realization hit him. He turned his head this way and that, willing this all to be a bad dream as hands rubbed his body. Some went up his shirt, some rubbed his thighs, and one was... oh god, working on his belt.

I can't get away, Al realized, five fully grown men all on one thirteen year old boy. The odds were definitely against him.

Suddenly a mournful howl rang into the night. The men on Al all tensed and looked in different directions, Al paused in his thoughts as he also wondered what the sound was. It sounded... inhuman.

"Hey Brosk, what was that?" one man whispered.

Al heard Brosk growl, "Nothing," he snapped. "Now someone do that brat before I do." The hands went at it again, clumsy this time with fear.

Al sucked in air through his nostrils, he was back to square one.

Again the cry rang out, and Al heard something rustle more leaves. His mind wondered if it was someone coming to his rescue or another assailant.

The answer was neither. There was a quick swatting sound, and suddenly the hand over his mouth was gone, along with the body that was propping him up and the light. A yelp was heard, and Al wasn't sure if it was the man's or his own.

He fell back, and his head knocked against a hard tree root. His mind went blank for a moment before he heard the remaining men whisper to one another, "Man... where did Brosk go?"

"I...I... don't know..."

They heard a loud scream, it was Brosk, and that was all it took for the four military officers to scramble to their feet, fumbling with their pants as they ran out of sight; leaving a shaken up Alphonse Elric.

He just laid there for a moment or two, catching his breath, and replaying what had just happened. Tears stung at his eyes again.

Those men almost... he was almost...

Al chocked back a sob. They were gone, he assured himself. They were gone... He was safe, and all because of a...

The screech was heard again; Al's body tensed. I need to get out of here... he told himself and got up on his hands and knees. He exhaled a deep sigh, breathing finally even, when he heard a familiar rustling again.

His head shot up as he felt something wrap around his ankle, and he let out a gasp as it swiftly tugged, and brought him down to the ground. Al rolled on his back, and it started dragging him deeper into the woods, going from a slow sluggish speed, to a quick breeze, were the world around Al whizzed by.

Al's black tank top rolled up, revealing his back to the harsh ground. Al winced as twigs, rocks, and branches scrapped and scratched his skin. And then the there was no earth under him, and he fell into a deep, wet, hole.

Whatever had wrapped around Al's leg let go. When the blond tried to move though, a jolting pain shot up and he bit his lip hard.

His leg was broken...

How did such a hopeful night turn into this? Al's mind screamed in frustration. He moved his hand over the soft soil, and then it laid on something... he recognized the shape. A flashlight! The one Brosk had been holding. He fumbled with the switch, and it blinked before the bright light filled the ditch.

First he showed it on his leg, indeed the limb was bent in a awkward manor, which Al was sure a leg was never suppose to be in. Then he scanned the earth around him, vines hung from the surface above, the soil down there was soft... and was that a finger? Al showed the light on a knew object, yes... It was a finger, a human finger attached to a human hand which was attached... to nothing.

Al gagged and turned away, he took a moment, calmed himself, reminded himself that he was a state alchemist before he investigated farther. Not far from the hand was a body of a man, in a dirty blue uniform. Brosk...

His mouth was slightly open in a silent scream, only one eye remained, and his hair was littered with blood, Al didn't want to see the shape the rest of the man's body was in. A new movement caught his eye. He quickly shown the light on the spot where Brosk's hand laid, and to his surprise he saw a little vine... poking and probing the hand. Was this thing what killed Brosk?

Suddenly the thing pointed at Al, the alchemist squirmed back against the wall, ignoring the pain in his leg as the plant made it way to him. "St-Stay back..." he threatened. The thing didn't understand, and continued inching to him. Al gulped and brought his hands together. With a faint clap he pressed his hands to the ground, and a little barrier of dirt and mud rose from the ground, blocking the root's path.

Al sighed in relief, that would stop it for now...

The roots that hung down from the opening of the ditch, tickled his neck. He looked up hopefully at the dark night sky, and realized he would have to wait out the night till' morning when the construction crew got to the sight. He would have a hell of a time explaining this to everyone...

His body relaxed, and his eyesdrooped as he almost fell asleep to the ticklish sensation the roots provided him. Then he felt them wrap around his neck. He gasp and quickly brought his hands up to clap when more roots just tangled with hands and separated them, holding them high above his head.

There was more of those things?

Al's mind raced for a logical conclusion, a way out, anything that could help him in the situation he was in. Slowly more roots wrapped around his ankles, and his legs. They stretched them out, and Al screamed as pain shot through his broken limb.

Wait... Scream? Al almost laughed hysterically as the idea of screaming for help entered his mind. He bit back the pain, and yelled for help.

"Someone! Anyone! I'm done here! Help!"

No reply, but Al didn't give up. He needed assistance, he needed help.

More roots poked holes through his barrier, as their buddies held down the prey. Al screamed for help again, and again, and after a few more tries the roots took away his little hope. They wrapped around his head, then with a forceful tug, they banged it against the earth wall behind him. Making his vision go fuzzy, and when it cleared he found himself staring at a pointed root.

It looked as though it was going to stab his eye out, just as it did to Brosk, and when it moved Al yelped. It didn't go into his eye though, instead it shot into his open mouth, gagging Al.

The boy chocked back a sob, it was useless...

The little roots had somehow chewed through his boots, and tickled his toes, wrapping around them, clenching and unclenching. Their comrades flipped Alphonse's black shirt up, accidently tearing it. Al gasped as the plants wove in and out of the holes, briefly making contact with his skin. His body shivered, and it seemed that the tentacles noticed... and liked it.

They touched his body more, rubbing themselves against him, poking more holes where they wanted to touch more skin. The thing was addicted to how Al felt.

And then it found his penis...

It poked it softly, and Al thrashed a little. It poked it again, rougher, and Al shivered. It noticed Al's strange reactions whenever it touched it, and decided to see all the different ways it made the boy feel.

It dunked itself in cold soil, then rubbed against Al. The boy groaned, and he hardened. The roots squealed. They found the opening of the shaft and without hesitation, pushed in. Al cried out a muffled scream.

It hurt, caused his body to shake. He could feel the plant moving inside him... then it started pulling out and Al's body was welcomed with a jolt of pleasure. The plant noticed and tired again, pushed in... pushed out. Al gulped down a moan, and closed his eyes tightly.

Just kill me now... Just kill me... Another hole was punched in, and the thing found his ass. Another hole for it to explore and it did, receiving more moans and sensual noises from Al.

Finally for what seemed like eternity to Al the thing recoiled. Untangled its self from him. With no more vines to hold him up His body slumped against the earth. Al watched the roots retreat into the darkness, and his mind numbly wondered what it was doing... Why hadn't it killed him like Brosk, and would it come back.

He reminded himself that he didn't know the answer to any of the questions and should use this break to escape. He licked his dried lips, gulped some saliva down his hoarse throat, and weakly clapped his hands, a moment later a ladder was built into the wall behind him.

Now all he had to do was crawl out with a broken leg. He let that leg limb, while he used only his upper body strength and good leg to pull himself out. The broken limb swayed and thumped against the ladder, causing Al to whimper and bite his lip.

He half expected for the roots to shoot out again, capture him, and drag him back for another hour of torture, but that never happened. The roots were quiet. It was like they weren't there at all, that it had all been an illusion...

Al's body told him other wise though, and wouldn't let him believe it was a bad dreamed like he wished.

Finally the last step, and Al pulled himself over the edge, breathing hard from the small work out. He was out, but now where did he go? He doubted his ability to crawl God-knows how far back to the construction site with a broken leg. He also didn't know which way the siet was... being dragged through the woods in utter darkness had boggled his sense of direction.

All he could do was lay there, in dead leaves. It would be morning soon, and hopefully someone would find him. That was all he could do, hope.

And pray that he would be spared another session with the tentacles before then.


Wow! Its finally posted! I'm so happy, I only hope that this story came out well, because I was rereading it, and was like, 'Ugh! Sounds like a computer wrote this!'

But anyway, since the time I wrote this, I've been bunnied with another idea!

What if Heiderich came back with Ed, and Al got jealous, so he leads his older couterpart to The Pit where the tentacles dweal, and pushed poor Alphons in! XD ugh, that would be great. Yea, i'm playing with the idea.


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