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Title: Excepting You

Warning:  Not Beta’d- in fact, so not beta’d it hurts! D: 
 Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary:...He was surprised to find Edward sprawled out on the bed, with Ling’s lean form straddling on top

Happy Birthday sky_dark 

When Roy walked back into his room, he was expecting one of a couple of things. Edward sitting up on the bed, maybe, tapping his foot impatiently and waiting for his return from his run to the kitchen would be one of them.


Instead, he was surprised to find Edward sprawled out on the bed, with Ling’s lean form straddling on top. For once, the Prince’s long mane was not pull back into a semi-tamed ponytail, but it tumbled over the young man’s shoulders and hide Edward’s face from view.


Well, that really hadn’t been expected…


Roy straightened his back, and studied the exchange in front of him. A red mark on Ling’s left hand flashed from the corner of the colonel’s sharp eye, reminding him that this wasn’t the prince at all, but instead the enemy.


The two occupants on his bed hadn’t appeared to notice him, and slowly Roy began to back out of the room. As a Colonel in the military, Roy prided himself from being able to choose his battles carefully. Edward seemed in no real danger (yet) and as the boy’s commanding officer Roy would bind his time until real danger made itself known.


Then again, a snide voice in the back of his head sneered just as Roy had successfully escaped the room and stood in the hallway. A safe distance. If a homunculus (with razor sharp claws and teeth) on top of a young man isn’t danger, then what is?


Roy tried to think of a nice comment to snap at the voice, when he heard Ling’s voice growl in a dangerously aggravated way, “What are you doing here?”


“I could ask you the same question.” Roy heard Edward reply.


The Colonel saw Greed’s marked hand grip his bed sheets, and a small rip was heard. Roy silently mourned over the mortal injury his (nice) sheets had acquired while Greed (unaware of the act he had committed) continued to talk, “Your Prince is jealous, have you forgotten he’s still inside of me?”


“I haven’t forgotten.” Edward stated.


“He wants to talk to you…”


“Really,” Ed asked, and to Roy’s surprise he sincerely sounded nonchalant about the whole thing.


There was a brief pause, and then Roy heard Ling’s same voice, sounding gentler this time as he breathed, “Edward…”


There was a small snort that definitely came from Edward, “Ass.” The blond said.


Ling’s head dipped low, and Roy heard, “I know you are angry with me, but did you really feel the need to cheat on me… and with him?”


Roy noted how apologetic Ling sounded… until the Prince mentioned him. There was definite venom dripping from Ling’s question.


There was a slight pause from Edward, “I’m not angry with you.” The blond finally admitted.


Wet noises were hard then, and Roy realized that the two were swapping saliva. He strangely felt like a voyeur in that moment. Yet he continued to watch the scene in front of him. Edward's back arched, and Ling's hand (yes the marked one) cupped the small of his back.


“Well…” Edward moaned, “What did you want me to do, willing sit on Greed’s lap until you get back?”


No,” Ling said darkly, followed by more wet noises, “I wanted you to wait for me.”


Roy heard Edward gasp, which reminded him to breathe as well. “I’m still waiting for you idiot!”


The wet noises stop, and Ling’s head rose. Roy could hear the grin in the Prince’s voice even though he said, “I have to go.” It surprised the Colonel that those words brought a sharp pang of disappointment. Ling was going again, and Greed was back again. He could only imagine how Edward was feeling now.


Oh well, he told himself, It was bound to happen.


Greed (Ling’s) voice came back again too soon.


“You know you really shouldn’t get his hopes all high. In the end you’ll both be disappointed.” The sin told Ed.


“Fuck off,” Edward snarled, already in a bad mood.


“Mmmm, not a bad idea.” Greed purred.


Roy sighed, realizing it was time to intervene. He stepped back into the room again, purposely making his footsteps heard, and as predicted both heads (one blond, the other black) turned his way.


Violet eyes narrowed at him, (and Roy did not miss the flash of black, that was Ling, yet the distasteful glare remained) as Greed seemed to be calculating if he should battle both the Colonel and the Alchemist. It seemed Roy wasn’t the only one keen on choosing his battles. But he knew for a fact, that if Greed wanted, he could take them both on without a second thought. Roy was gloveless, and the sin already had an advantage from his position on top of Edward.


But Roy also knew that Wrath had given specific orders that neither he nor Fullmetal should be hurt, and to Roy’s relief it seemed Greed was (for once) listening to orders.


The sin turned to Edward and growled, “We’re not done yet.”


“No we’re not.” Edward stated defiantly.


  Roy blinked, and Greed was gone. The window clicked shut softly though, signaling the true departure of the sin, and the Colonel finally let his shoulders slump in relief.


Edward did the same, and heaved a heavy sigh. “Well that went according to plan.” Roy said, taking note that Ed appeared to have bruised lips, only when the alchemist fingered them gently. He also noted that a small smile graced those bruised lips.


“Yeah, according to plan.” Edward agreed voice slightly distant.


Roy strolled over to his bed and sat down, snapping the blond out of his thoughts. Subconsciously Roy began to finger his ripped sheets, and then brought his eyes up to meet Ed’s, who sighed gruffly. “Okay, Okay you big baby. I’ll fix your sheets.” Edward clapped his hands and brought them to the cloth. When he lifted them off, Roy’s prized sheets looked just as they use to.


“You know,” Roy started, “I realize your desire to see your friend healthy and still very jealous of you. But don’t you think that situation was a little dangerous. Alphonse would have never allowed it.”


“That’s why I didn’t tell Alphonse.” Ed snapped, returning to his former (bad temper) glory, “And you better not either.”


Edward picked up the blanket and wrapped it around his small form, before falling on the soft bed with a small plop! He adjusted himself and the blanket for a moment before curling up in a warm ball, satisfied and ready for bed.


Roy sighed, and laid down on the opposite side of the bed. It was to bad Edward was so fond of Ling, he mused, because in a sick perverted way, he kind of liked having the alchemist in his bed like this.


His mind began to wonder how things would be if the disappointment Greed talked about did come true, and if it did what would Edward do. When suddenly a hard metal… SOMETHING jabbed him in the gut with enough force to throw him out of the bed.


It knocked the wind out of Roy for a moment, before he realized what happened. Edward was sitting up glaring at him; his automail foot took Roy’s side of the bed. “What are you doing!?” the alchemist exclaimed, “I’ll only pretend to sleep with you to get Ling’s attention. You, sleep on the couch tonight!”


Roy felt put off, I should have known. 

-I'll fix the errors later! XD I was just so happy I finished writing something! *Quickly looks over what I what* 
Goodness, I'm so rusty!


Tags: fic, ling/ed


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