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Cara looked up, and saw the silhouette of a person. Her first reaction was to scream, while trying to hide her phone back into her hoodie, and scramble away from the stranger, all at the same time, which resulted in her falling backyards and landing sprawled on the ground. The stranger inched closer and she let out a yelp while frantically kicking at whatever came close to her.

Darla’s head snapped to where the screaming was coming from and she quickly came jogging up, to see what was wrong.

“We weren’t doing anything.” Cara screamed, “Don’t come near me, I- I…”

“Quiet child, I swear, your screaming could wake the dead.” The person said.

Cara paused in her scrambling, and looked up at the figure again. This time using her hand to shield her eyes from the sun. She now saw that the stranger was really just an elderly woman, maybe in her late fifties. Her face flushed in embarrassment. “Oh, I- I’m sorry, I didn’t know- I thought you were… well, um…”

“Thought I was a zombie?” The woman chuckled, “Oh deary, I think you’ve seen one to many horror movies.” Cara flushed again and looked away.

Darla had come up beside her now, and was sizing up the woman. She looked normal. Wore an ugly red and orange dress, with a black shawl. Her hair was black, turning gray, and had light curls. Her arms and neck were covered in necklaces and bracelets with weird jewelry. Darla’s eyes narrowed as she speak coldly to the woman, “What are you doing here grandma?”

The smile of the woman’s face never left as she answered, “Just here to see my husband. That is all. Now, if you don’t mind me asking what are you two doing here?”

Darla frowned, and Cara peeped up from the ground, “We’re…uh, grave diggers! Yeah, grave diggers in training. They asked us to dig up some graves and see if the bodies were still there.”

The woman chuckled, “Sorry to say, that I don’t think you’re quite cut out for the job dear.”

Cara only laughed nervously in reply, “We need to get back to work.” Darla said with a sigh, playing along with Cara’s (stupid) lie. Cara nodded from the ground and picked herself up.

The woman, whose name they had yet to receive, stood there and smiled as they picked up their shovels, and started to head back their little hole. Darla grabbed a hold of Cara’s arm and yanked her friend close as she hissed, “I don’t like her.”

“She’s just an old lady.” Cara assured.

“She Voodoon.” Darla stated.

“Voodoon?” Cara arched an eye brow, “Like creepy dolls, and dead chickens for good luck? How do you know?” She glanced back at the woman who still standing there, a lone figure in an open cemetery. Was that lady digging threw her purse?

“My Uncle is Voodoon.” Darla answered, “and its more then voo doo dolls, and dead chickens. They are as intoned with the paranormal world as you and I are. She could probably tell your mated to a dog… Cara are you listening to me?”



“Darla, what’s she doing?”

The question caught Darla off guard, she spun around and looked at the old women whose hand came out of her shawl with something clasped in it. Darla stared for a moment trying to make it out, then her eyes widen.

“Run.” Darla breathed.

“What?” Cara asked, having to speed pick up her pace to keep up with Darla.

“Run.” Darla spoke again, and was about to break into a dead sprint when the earth began to shake. She lost balance and fell, while Cara yelped and quickly stuck her shovel in the ground to help keep balance.

“What the hell?” Cara screamed.

“We found whose been taking the bodies.” Darla scream in reply over the rumble of the earth.

“Who?” Cara asked sparring a quick glance over her shoulder back at the old woman, just then a decayed hand shot up from the dug ground right by her foot. Cara looked back and down at it, gawking, her eyes wide and mouth moving as if she wanted to scream, but couldn’t find the breath to do it.

“A Voodoo priestess.” Darla snarled, “Also known as a necromancer.”



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