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Ling x Pride!Ed Part 3

TITLE: Three is a crowd
PAIRING: Ling x Pride!Ed x Envy
WARNING: Mild Smut- 

First Part - Second Part

Ling wanted out. He wanted to go back to his bedroom and retire for the night, with Pride by his side. He had already kept the blonde waiting much later then the homunculus was used to. But he was waiting for something, a very important something. And leave it to this item to be like other important objects and be late, waiting for when Ling had given up on it to make its presence known.
A young man hurried into the throne room, handed him the elegant envelope, and then made his exit. He was there and gone in an instant, but that wasn’t Ling’s concern. The envelope and what lie inside of it was.
His fingers peeled the paper open, breaking the crest of Amestris that was waxed on in one easy motion, and he began to read the letter from the Fuhrer.
When he finished reading his heart had sunk to his toes, and his gut to his kneecaps. He swallowed, and even that was thick with grief and regret. Folding up the letter, he stood up to retire to his bedroom for the night.
The urgency and rush he earlier felt had dissipated.
 Emperor Yao Ling,
I regret to inform you that the Elric Brothers, along with General Roy Mustang, have been missing and proclaimed dead for the past year. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please inform me.
Fuhrer Riza Hawkeye
The bedroom door felt heavy, and he was suddenly very tired. He was sure he could talk Pride into just going to sleep with the right amount of persuasion, but then again Pride could be persuasive as well, and—
“Well, look who finally came home.”
Ling looked up, a cold shiver went down through him at the sound of that voice, and a feeling he hadn’t felt in years made his adrenaline rush.
Terror, because there was one too many homunculi sitting on his bed.
Envy’s dark attire and pale skin clashed with the colorful room, but he sat on the bed and grinned at Ling as if he owned the place. Pride was curled up in his lap, like a kitten napping in the sun, his golden eyes open and staring at Ling, emotionless.
“You certainly kept me and Pride here waiting for an awfully long time, but it gave us time to do some brotherly catching up.” Envy’s grin grew as he spoke, and he showed a bit of fang.
It was then Ling realized, that he had better make a run for it now, or face whatever threat that grin had silently promised. He turned quickly to make a dash out the door, but found it slammed in his face, Envy’s pale claws digging into the dark oak wood. “Trying to escape? I don’t think so; you’ve dug yourself a mighty deep hole Mr. Emperor, and now you have to face the consequences.”
Consequences? That didn’t sound good, and Ling was mighty sure he didn’t want to stick around for that part. It was time he called for help.
He opened his mouth but one pale hand clamped over it before even a tiny squeak could escape. “No need to alert any one else, Your Highness, we’ll leave you in one whole. In fact, today is your lucky day; we’re rather pressed on time.” Envy’s voice dropped as he said this, his disappointment in not being able to torture Ling was clear. “But Pride wanted to say goodbye.”
Ling felt a second body brush against his thigh, and something nuzzle against him, Pride? His mind wondered before he felt a slight tug on his pants. He gasped, and silently prayed that his pants would, by some miracle, stay on. But they were loose silk and one more tug brought them down to his ankles. The feel of flesh against him was back, only this time it was flesh against flesh, out of the corner of his eyes he could see a blond head bob up and down by his lower regions, and then he felt a small wet tongue tentively lick the inside of his thigh. Envy laughed into his ear, reminding Ling of his presence, and a shiver went down the Emperor’s spine.
A homunculus on his lower half, and one restraining his upper, not a good combination, Ling mused.
Envy’s hand left his mouth in favor of making sure Ling wouldn’t be able to use his hands. Ling grunted uncomfortably as long nails—claws—dug into his skin. But for the moment, the Emperor was too concerned about what Pride was doing below; the sin was lapping away at his skin as a horse would at a block of salt.
Ling licked his lips and tried to talk the sin into stopping. “Pride…” he croaked, and felt the tongue hesitate.
“Pride…” Envy hissed, and that was all it took before the licking resumed.
Ling gritted his teeth to suppress the moan that was clawing its way up his throat, as Pride’s hot mouth neared his hardening erection.
This was not good, Ling mused again, but… It could be have been worse. Envy could be the one doing the licking, and Pride could be standing on the sidelines watching. In fact, this was nothing new from what Ling and Pride usual did, there was just… A third individual involved. The fact that the third individual was Envy, one of the bad guys’ head men, was another fortunate thing.
If anyone knew what Ling wanted to know, it would be Envy.
Ling took a deep quivery breath (its quiver due to the fact that now Pride was expertly sucking him off) and said, “Just tell me one thing.”
Envy made a uninterested sound, but tore his cat-like gaze away from what Pride was doing to look through his thick, dark bangs at Ling. “And what would that be?” he asked.
“How was Pride born?”
The pleasure that had been vibrating through his entire body stopped, as Pride seceded his sucking. He knew the other homunculus was interested in knowing this as well, and Ling found it was much easier to gather his thoughts when someone wasn’t licking his cock.
Envy let out a small chuckle. “Ah, I bet you’ve been wondering that since you met Pride haven’t you?” Envy cooed. Ling gritted his teeth, knowing that was a question he didn’t need to answer, nor did he have to for Envy continued. “Well I guess I can tell you the story, with all the gory details intact.”
“The Fullmetal pipsqueak made a bargain with Father. We held up our end of the bargain, and when the time came for him to hold up his end, he backed out. Father wasn’t too happy, and it actually came to us having to force him. There was a bit of a struggle that ended with his dear brother and General dead. Shorty followed soon after.” Envy was grinning like a loon as he spoke of Edward’s demise, but in a instant that grin was wiped off, and he looked at Pride in what could only be disgust. “Father couldn’t bear the thought of his precious son dead, so he did to Shorty what he did to me, and the product is what lies at your feet. An almost perfect human transformation.” Envy glared at Pride, though the younger sin didn’t seem to notice, and Ling could only be glad that the glare wasn’t directed at him.
And now that Envy’s attention was directed at someone else, it was a good idea to call for some help. He had gotten what he wanted; he now knew the fate of the friends he had left back in Amestris. It was time to end this.
He wrenched his head to the side, as far away as he could get it away from Envy. His cheek pressed against the cool oak that the homunculus still had his claws dug into. A deep breath, and before Ling knew it, his voice was booming for the assistance of the guards.
Envy snarled once he realized what had just happened, and let go of Ling’s hands in favor of pinning the Emperor to the door by his throat. Pride gasped a bit, as the leg he had been leaning upon jerked and he stumbled to the floor.
A hoarse gurgling sound escaped Ling’s throat as he frantically tried to pry Envy’s grip off his neck. The grip only seemed to get tighter, and Envy’s eyes began to flicker in delight.
I can’t breathe! I can’t-
His vision began to spot, and the edges began to blur. He felt like he was sliding, as if his body was trying to escape the tight grip and was moving on its own, but it couldn’t escape. He couldn’t escape.
Would he end up dying just as Edward and the General had?
He was surprised when his eyes fluttered open. It meant that he was alive. He was lying on the king-sized bed of the Emperor, as if nothing happened. As if that nightmare hadn’t occurred. He was alive, he was warm in bed, a little achy, but that usually happened to one’s muscles after a long day of sitting on the throne.
Life was normal. It had been a dream.
A smiled twitched his lips upward, and he turned to the right side of the bed where Pride usually slept, to greet the sin at the beginning of a new day and to apologize for being too tired to do anything the other night. But no one was there.
The right side of the bed was empty, untouched.
And on the dresser that faced that side of the bed lie the letter from the Fuhrer, open and waiting for Ling to see again once he woke up. He moaned, and flopped down into a careless heap in the middle of the bed, the silk sheets still tangled with his legs.
So it hadn’t been a dream.
Pride really was gone, Edward really was dead, and he had passed out the other day at the hands of one psychotic fellow. Whether it was the guards that chased them away and came to his rescue, or if the homunculus had run off before anyone could come in, Ling wouldn’t know until later.
First things first, he was going to lie in bed and figure out how he was to tell the Fuhrer of Amestris what had become of her comrades.
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