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Birthdat Present! FEMME!ED

FINALLY, I've finished velvet_mace's birthday present! But fair warning for all... I suck of Het. : ( 

TITLE: Untitled
PAIRING: Ling x Femme!Ed

Something is off…
Ling thought idly as his hands roamed over the body sleeping next to him. He mused over what it could be, until his hands did what his mind could not and found the problem. A large mound of flesh was growing on Edward’s body.
The first thought that came to mind was, Fat. His alchemist was getting a little chubby, which wasn’t a good thing. Though he still loved Edward—even with a few extra pounds—the Xingian high court would not approve of a fat, male foreigner to be the future Emperor’s lover. Meaning Ling would have to monitor what Ed ate from now on. This won’t be too bad, Ling thought with a smile. It would mean he’d spend more time with Edward to monitor a diet, and eat what parts of breakfast, lunch, and dinner that Edward couldn’t. That thought alone made Ling grin against Edward’s back, and lick his lips. Subconsciously, his hand began to stroke this precious mound of fat, to the point where it pointed…
Ling’s eyes snapped opened in alarm at what he had just felt, and his fingers were already busy feeling up this new point on the Edward’s flesh. And that’s when Ling’s mind registered what this mound of skin and fat was.
Ling knew a peaked nipple when he felt one, and he also knew a perfectly good-sized breast when he wasn’t drugged with sleep.
He picked himself up on his elbows, and leaned over Edward. It was dark, so he was barely able to make out the two (at least B-sized cup) breasts that his male lover was now sporting. But he could and he did, and while he was high on the excitement-based adrenaline rush that tingled up his spine, he pressed his lips over Edward’s in a way to scream out rejoice.
Edward woke up, eyes half-opened and still blurred from sleep. He pushed at Ling’s shoulders and drowsily mumbled, “Ling, I was sleeping.”
Ling, still a bit overly excited asked the first question (out of many) that popped into his head, “How did it happen?”
“How’d what happen?” Ed groaned, clearly annoyed at being awoken. Ling sat quiet for a moment at his side, ears still perked, and tail still wagging happily. Edward rose an eyebrow in his direction, until he felt the unneeded weight on his chest and looked down to see Ling’s large hand still groping his right breast.
He sucked in a sharp breath, as Ling stated, “This,” and emphasized by gently squeezing the boob.
Edward’s next movement was a blur, and Ling didn’t even know what had happened until his head hit the wooden floor with a thud, his cheek throbbing from the cold metal that had slammed into it. Edward was screaming in the background.
“What happened! What did you do!?”
Ling did a backward roll to sit up straight, and tilted his head in confusion. “What makes you think I did anything?”
These weren’t there when I went to bed,” Edward accused, and Ling pouted, a little put off that Ed blamed the new addition on him, and had assaulted him for it. Not even Ling would take credit for such a feat as changing Ed into a woman. Really, once they got this whole thing figured out, he would graciously thank whoever had done it.
Edward was still sitting on the bed, babbling in a state of hysteria. “…I can’t believe it,” he cried, cupping his new breasts, “I… I…”
“Am a woman?” Ling added helpfully from the floor.
Ed stopped, and glared at him. “No,” he seethed and pointed at the boobs accusingly, “We know I have breasts, but that doesn’t mean I’m a woman, I would have to loose my…” His voice trailed off, and Ling watched as Edward’s eyes widened in fear of what he might have lost.
Ling winced in sympathy, if his lover really had lost what made him a man… But a new idea was scheming in his mind already, and he licked his lips before asking, “Wanna find out?”
The question shook Ed from his terror, and thoughts, causing the blond to bring his golden eyes to stare directly at Ling again. “What I want is to figure out how this happened.” He seethed.
Ling sighed, and watched Edward go back to thinking. Well, if he wasn’t going to get any until they figured this out, he’d have to help. “Did anything weird happen today?” the Prince questioned.  
“No, no,” Ed assured the man on the floor, though Ling thought it was more for Edward than himself. “Me and Al spent the entire day in the library…”
Ling looked around the room with a sigh, “Ah, and where is Alphonse this fine evening?” A change in subject would be good for Ed.
“Wha-? Oh, Al promised to call Winry when we got here. The manager is showing him where the phone is,” Ed murmured quietly, not even bothering to look at Ling, who had only just opened his mouth to make a comment about how Alphonse was absent when Edward’s fist slammed against the bed, and the blond shouted out, “I got it!”
Ling tilted his head to the side, wondering what Edward “got” exactly. Ed turned and looked at him, chest puffed up in pride and eyes shining with his accomplishment. “I fell asleep in the library,” he explained, “Someone must have done something then!”
“But surely you would have noticed,” Ling wanted to say, but bit his tongue and remained quiet. Edward would be able to rest easy now, having at least an idea of how the transformation might have happened, and that meant that Ling would be able to reap the rewards of said transformation.
He placed a charming grin on his face, and began to make his way back on the bed. “That must have been it,” he agreed. “Now we should get some sleep. We can catch the perpetrator tomorrow.” Ling even let out a big yawn, as he rested his head on Edward’s shoulder and closed his eyes.
Ed let out a loud, exasperated sigh, “Ling, I-“
Ling’s hand reached up, and began to massage breast number one, cutting Edward off in mid-complaint. Ling smiled, and Edward shivered. “What are you doing?”
“What else?” the Prince asked innocently. “I’m sleeping with you.”
“What?! No, Ling! Not when I’m like this!”
Ling pouted. “But I like you like this…”
Ed’s face flushed, and he looked exactly like any blonde and blushing girl they could have passed on the street. Ling felt heat rush to his groin, he turned his head, and kissed the spot on Edward’s shoulder where steel met with flesh. The skin here was usually the most sensitive, and the action gained an animalistic sound from Ed, a cross between a growl and a whimper.
“I’m not a woman,” the blond gritted out, just as Ling began to lick the skin, and his fingers tugged and played with a pink breast until a nipple peaked again.
Ling only smiled. “I intend to find out if that is, in fact, true.”
Edward opened his mouth to say something more, but Ling had already thrust all of his bodyweight against one shoulder. It was enough to knock Edward on his side, and it was enough leverage for Ling to get on top. 
The Prince’s hands found the elastic band of Edward’s blue boxers and he tugged them down, laughing. “Well, my dear Edward, you certainly do look like a woman.”
“What?” Edward squawked, squirming and struggling to sit up. Ling turned him on his back, attempting to keep Edward down, their arms and legs tangling in the squabble. Ed’s breasts jiggled like jelly, until Ling’s chest pressed against them, and kept them firmly in place.
“Ow, Ling! You’re too heavy! Get off,” Ed yelped.
Ling shifted so all his body weight wasn’t what pressed Ed down, and they stared at each other for a moment. Edward’s face was red again. It was probably from anger, but at least a little was from his female hormones.
As excepted he… She made a very beautiful (and erotic) girl. Ling licked his dry lips quickly before locking them against Edward’s. The kiss was a deep in struggle, like all of the ones they shared, but this one mainly focused on the movements of their bodies, while their tongues pushed and shoved. Ling was trying to rub his body as much against Ed’s as possible, while his hands glided over the familiar curls of Edward’s pubic hair, and his long fingers slipped through new, womanly folds.
He heard Ed grunt under him, and felt an insistent tugging on his own pants, before they were pushed back to his knees. His boxers followed shortly after.
It was as if Edward really wanted Ling inside him.
The Prince voiced his concern, “A little eager aren’t we Edward? I thought we weren’t to be doing anything while you’re in this state.” He failed to keep the smugness out of his voice.
Edward growled, “You damn tease, I don’t care! Just… Do something!”
Ah, that plea truly was music to Ling’s ears.
Without another word, Ling withdrew the fingers that had been tickling and teasing Edward’s red pussy, and fumbled around looking for the pockets of his pants, and then the lube that resided there. A few moments later, his hand came up victorious. He applied some of the bottle on his fingers, and when Edward extended his own hands expectantly, Ling applied some there.
They greased each other down. Ed’s smooth and slick hands rubbed Ling’s hard cock down through, not leaving any part untouched by lube. Ling groaned and murmured his appreciation as he enter the first finger into Edward’s hole. They both groaned in unison, and then the second finger entered, and the stretching began.  
Ed moaned, and stopped rubbing Ling’s cock in favor of massaging his own breast. This didn’t go well with Ling’s erect dick, which demanded attention, and demanded it loudly.
Ling shifted in a different position, arching his back so the head of his penis came to the entrance of Edward’s vagina. He issued a quick warning to his lover, who tensed up immediately, and wordlessly. Ling decided it would be best to distract Edward when he would first enter by taking and mouthing a breast. Ed moaned, then Ling pushed in, and the moan became a quick yelp.
The Prince looked up, and saw the blond biting his lower lip. “Are you okay?” he asked, voice muffled by fleshy breast. He saw a nod out of the corner of his eye, and continued. His sucking on the nipple became rougher as he pushed in further. At some point Ed’s hands grappled his back, and nails began to dig into Ling’s smooth skin, but the Prince said nothing. Instead, he concentrated on thrusting.
In… Out…
At first it was slow and gentle, but as Edward’s nails dug deeper into his back, and both parties came closer and closer to their peak, things sped up.
In. Out. In. Out.
The thrust finally became desperation on Ling’s side. He wanted to come. He wanted to come inside of a female Ed so badly. That…
Ed came with a distressed cry. Apparently a female orgasm was a little different from a male one. The nails that dug into his skin fell away, but Ling hardly noticed. One last thrust and he would be done.
And with one last thrust… He was done.
He was panting, but Ed was panting harder and faster. Deciding to give him… Her a break, Ling turned and rolled off of the small, sweaty body beneath him, over to the side.
“Well,” Ling breathed, looking adoringly at the blond while she caught her breath. “Hate to tell you this, Edward, but you’re all female, inside and out.” He laughed as Ed huffed in exasperation.
“Yeah, well… Tomorrow I’m getting back to normal.” Ed sneered with a snarky grin.
Ling stopped laughing, life suddenly became a cruel joke, “You’re what?”


After Thoughts: I couldn't help this conversation with my brain... 

Brain: Okay who did it... 
Me: Um... Envy.... I don't know... 
Brain: Why'd Envy do it? 
Me: .... Because... Dante wants Femme!Ed's body! 
Brain: *Ded*

Dante x Femme!Ed STOP HAUNTING ME!!!
Tags: femme!ed, fic, ling/ed
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