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** [Jun. 13th, 2006|03:21 am]
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I realize i've been ignoring you guess, and i'm very very sorry. I'm on vacation you see, and I'd rather sleep all day and read then type. But I realize that that cruel, and you guess are low on fics. So I'm trying my hardest to get some out to you. I'm working on the Second part of that Ed/Envy -Ling thing HERE right now, and will hopefully have it up in a day or two (maybe three.) 

But excuses and promises never get anyone anywhere. So here is something I hope will make you all forgive me. 

Title: Paradise
Pairing: Russell/Edward, voyeurism from Ling. 
Rating: R

“Do you really hate it here so much?” his lover asked, dropping his head a little so blond bangs fell into his eyes. He already knew the answer.
Russell sighed, and stopped petting the beautiful pink rose that he had been mooning over to look back at the smaller man. “It’s not that I hate it here, Edward,” he stated calmly, “Xing has beautiful exotic plants, and a great culture. Plus, I’m here with you. I don’t think I could hate it if I tried, but…” He sighed again and ran his fingers through his own blond hair. “It’s… Well, the people in Xing that I’m not too fond of.”
“But everyone here has been friendly, Russ, you’ve seen them,” Edward pointed out hopefully from his place sitting on top of a stone bench.
Russell bit the inside of his cheek. “You know what I mean Edward.”
He watched (with a heavy heart) the hope that had sparkled in his lover’s golden eyes dissipate, and Ed hunched over his bench as he asked weakly, “Ling?”
“Ling,” Russell confirmed, turning away from Ed to look at a new flower that he had yet to glorify. He wanted to take his mind off the conversation for now, take his mind away from Ling and his Cheshire Cat smile, but Ed would have none of that.
“I don’t get why you don’t like him… He likes you.”
Russell snorted. “He’s trying to play us up, Ed. He’s a man of politics, it’s how he works,” he stated.
Ed glared at his lover’s back. “Well maybe you should do the same. I mean, we’ve been here for three days and you’ve been acting like such a dick.” Russell opened his mouth to retort to Edward’s name-calling, but Edward Elric was ranting… And no one interrupted.
“Ling invited us to visit, stay in his home—a palace if you haven’t noticed. Live the good life for a week, and you grumble about everything except the plants! We leave in two days; do you think you could meet Ling on equal ground until then?”
Russell bit his bottom lip. Two more days?
Ed really wasn’t asking much, it was only two days… And, when he thought about it, he had been a bit out of it for the five days that they had already spent in the foreign country. It wasn’t every day they had a vacation, and it seemed the chance for Edward to take a week off work came only once a year. This was precious time and he had been wasting it.
Russell groaned; he had let his jealously get the better of him and now he only had two more days of relaxing with Ed to enjoy.
He could do this. He could do this. And he might not even have to see Ling for the next two days, no, he could keep Edward in that master bedroom they had and keep busy. Ask for dinner in their rooms, maybe breakfast too. He would enjoy feeding Ed those small, sugarcoated dumplings while warm and cozy in silk sheets.
Two arms wrapped around his waist, one light flesh, the other hard, cold steel. Ed’s head nuzzled the small of his back, letting him know that all was forgiven. “I think I can stand two more days here,” he told the smaller man.
“Thanks, Russ,” Ed breathed.
Russell turned and quickly captured Edward’s lips. They shared a wet kiss, before he pulled back and smiled. “But we’ve been missing out on five days of sex since we came here, so the next two days I’ll be keeping you very busy.”
Ed glared. “And whose fault was that,” he demanded.
Russell didn’t answer but started raking his talented fingers through Edward’s thin robes. The older boy sucked in a quick breath. “Russ…”
“I said I’d be keeping you busy,” Russell responded.
“But in the garden?”
“What better place?” He claimed Edward’s lips again before he could answer, and took a step forward. Ed attempted to step back, but tripped on his robe in the process and began to stumble. He grabbed Russell’s own oversized silk in an attempt to keep balance, but only managed to drag his lover down with him.
The landed on the soft dirt ground, Russell on top of Edward, both panting hard as their kiss was broken, and both flushed red at their position. Russell smiled nonetheless, and began to rub his body against Ed’s. “Hard yet?” he breathed.
“Russell, it’s my turn to top.”
“You can top in the room, baby,” Russell bargained. Ed huffed in response, but Russell’s lips crashing down on his were enough to convince. Edward’s hands went to the task of digging through silk in search of Russell’s cock. It didn’t take long for him to find it, and he gave Russell a teasing squeeze to show off his find. Russell groaned. “Ed…”
“I want this inside me Russ… Now.” Edward purred, and Russell was more than happy to comply.
He reached back to grab the small bottle of lube he kept in the pockets of his overalls and… Wait… Where were his pockets?
He quickly pulled back. Edward whined in protest, but Russell’s heart and cock were pounding too hard to hear.
The damned Xingian robes had no pockets! Which meant no lube, which meant…
He groaned in ache. This was Ling’s fault! It was all, somehow, that bastard’s fault.
Edward sat up and glared. “Russell, what’s the hold up!” he demanded.
Oh no… Ed! How could he explain this to him?
“Russell?” his lover asked.
He had to face the music, the faster he did that, the faster they could get back to their room… Where the lube was.
Ling pouted as his guards escorted him away from the garden. He was a bit disappointed… Actually he was very disappointed. He had been waiting all week to watch Edward and his new lover, and when it finally looked he would get a show, the moron forgot the lube.
How disheartening.
A loud frustrated scream was heard behind him. He stopped, and shuddered when he realized it came from Edward, still in the garden’s maze. He remembered many times when such a howl had been aimed at him. He felt for the Amestrian boy, he really did.
The fact that he stole what could arguably be one of Ling’s best lays aside, Russell seemed like a smart person, a good alchemist, with a great body, and the sheer thought of one blonde on the other made Ling aroused. And if all went according to plan he would get to see it… For free.
Hopefully, that would be soon. Two boys as aroused as they had been couldn’t possibly just stay in the garden and wait for their emotions to pass. They would be sprinting to their bedrooms to finish what they started in the garden, and Ling would be in his respected spot, behind the wall, watching the entire thing.
He smiled at the thought, and started a slow trot down the hall; the guards did the same to keep up.
He would need to hurry to be in place when his entertainment arrived. 

-A Second Part is to be excepted. Once I finish a couple other things.

If You Didn't know...
1. I made a new post of Ling x Ed Icons, there are some reference GreedLing x Ed icons, and a Envy x Ed icon. HERE 
2. Omigosh! I got on Gaiaonline. Friend Me. ceasefire already did. 
3. I'm in a hungry mood for comments. So please leave some. ^ ^

[User Picture]From: train_diskense
2006-06-13 01:20 pm (UTC)
*wibbles* Ah Ling. *shakes head and then pounces on you and purrs* Lovely lovely lovely story.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: questofdreams
2006-06-13 03:09 pm (UTC)
That was great XD!! Ling, you sneak! *squishes him*
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: sailormac
2006-06-13 03:56 pm (UTC)
I don't blame Ling at all. I'd definitely want a front-row seat, too! ~_^
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: chrstphrl
2006-06-13 06:06 pm (UTC)
Ling you wicked thing. *takes place right next to Ling to watch* this is wonderful.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: evilnflightless
2006-06-13 09:27 pm (UTC)
Awwww poor Ling... he didnt get to watch some sexors... XD

I cant wait for the continuation Envy?Ed?Ling you have in the works by the way :D
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: moon_wing
2006-06-13 11:41 pm (UTC)
That was a horrible place to leave off!!! *shakes fist*
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: anat_astarte
2006-06-14 01:08 am (UTC)
Hehehehehe...sneaky Ling, but who could blame him for wanting a front row seat?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pockygirl
2006-06-14 01:35 am (UTC)
Heee.. ling is just perfect here.

as is rusell, actually. [i]he kept in the pockets of his overalls and… Wait… Where were his pockets? [/i]

also *cheers for another gaia convert*
(Reply) (Thread)