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OMG!!!! More Ling/Ed icons for the world!

Hey Guys! I got a animation shop- and i'm going wild making Ling/Ed icons for you all! ;) They are few now- but watch as they GROW!!!

4 Icons: 
1 Envy/Ed
3 Ling/Ed

May Contain spoliers for Chapters 55 and over.

1.   2.

3.  4.

Art In 1 and 2: By My Faviorte Ling/Ed Artist evilnflightless
-#1 Is from her Envy/Ed Doujinshi "Black"
-#2 is from one of her many beautiful Ling/Ed pictures. 
SUPPORT HER- and maybe she'll draw more for us :D 

#3 and 4- From Chapters 56 and 57

Tags: icons, ling/ed

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