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GreedLing/Ed Ling/Ed fic- its been a while.

Title: 7 Minutes in Heaven
Pairing: Greed!Ling/Ed Ling/Ed
Rating: R
Summary: “How long do I have?” Ling questioned
Warning: Mentions gags, whips, bondage-

“You did a wonderful job Edward.” Greed cooed, slowly easing the rough cloth out the blond boy’s mouth. Silently Edward worked his jaw, smacked and licked his abused lips, while Greed bent to start unbuckling the leather straps that bound his wrist and ankles.


Why do I allow him to do this to me?’ he thought bitterly, wincing as Greed lifted the straps from his stinging skin. He hissed when Greed touched his red back in an attempt to try to ease him up into a more comfortable sitting position. Greed ignored him, and touched two sore spots one of the many tails from the xingian whip left.


There were marks on his wrist from where the leather bit into his skin, he decided to glare at the marks instead of Greed, whose eyes were studying him. 


“I think you deserve your reward.” The sin suddenly announced.


Ed’s heart thumped against his chest, ‘That’s why!’ his brain screamed, answering his former complaint. Edward began to turn so he could look at Greed, and already saw that the sin’s eyes had changed from purple to black. Ed almost collapsed in relief, “Ling…” he sighed.


“Edward?” the Prince responded, eyes quickly taking in the battered form in front of him. His eyes narrowed in a sad sort of way, “You didn’t have to do this.”


Ed muscles sagged, and he fell forward, landing in his respectable spot, Ling’s lap. “It’s worth it.” He mumbled. There was a hesitant pause from Ling, before a gentle hand fell on his golden head, and began to stoke his hair. Ed almost purred.


“How long do I have?” Ling questioned.


Edward groaned, that was something he didn’t want to talk about. But talking to Ling about it was better then talking to Greed. “Seven minutes,” he answered.


A timid kiss was placed on his forehead, “That’s longer then last time.” Ling noted. The blond rubbed his head against his leg in a show of agreement. Without another word, the Prince swept his lover up, and began to make their way to the bed.


7 minutes wasn’t long enough to make love, but it was enough for Ling to at least get Edward cleaned up. 

-I'm off to write Ling/Ed/Russell

Tags: fic, greedling/ed, ling/ed

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