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I feel crappy... so heres a fic!

Hey everyone, the end of the school year brings much stress and tears, and no fic for you :( 

So seeing the error of my way, I decided not to punish you guys because i'm having a bad day. May your comments for this bunny i've been hiding under my bed bring me sunshine and happiness :D

TITLE: Where my duties lie... 
PAIRING: Ling/Ed (duh)
SUMMARY: To fight with ones country... or with your lover.


Ling paused at the news he had been just given, and, for a moment, simply stared in disbelief at the smaller man in his arms. His mouth was opening, and the words were coming out before he even had an idea at how to react. “You can’t.”


“I’m sorry…” Ed started.


“I won’t let you…”


“I’ve already been assigned.”


“You’re my wife!” Ling snapped.


 Edward pushed himself out of Ling’s arms defiantly and glared at the Prince. “First of all, I’m not your wife, I’m not your husband, I’m not your anything…” He let those words sink in a moment before he added, “Yet.”


“You can’t go to war against your own hus- future husband.” Ling growled. 


Edward looked away, and sucked his bottom lip (a move that made Ling’s cock twitch, but this was not the time, damnit!) “I know,” he answered, leaving Ling to feel awkward in the silence afterward. The Prince ran his fingers through his bangs, wracking his brain for an alternative. It wasn’t like it was a surprise that Amestris was going to war again, but this time it was different, this time it was against Ling’s own country.


Ling sighed. “Why don’t you just come back to Xing with me?” he suggested.


Ed’s attention snapped back to Ling, and he glared. “I can’t go AWOL, Ling, I mean what would Al think? I’d be a traitor to my country.”


“So, you don’t love me enough that you’d leave with me?” Ling asked, glaring at a spot on the alley’s stone wall.


Edward snorted at the accusation. “Do you love me enough that you’d leave your country?” he snapped.


“That’s different; I’m the future ruler of Xing. I can’t leave.”


“Oh, and I’m just a soldier? It wouldn’t matter if I up and left in the middle of a war, is that it Ling?”


They glared at everything but each other for one long, frustrating moment, before Ed took a deep breath, ran his automail hand through his hair, and said, “Hell, Ling, I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight with you… It’s just that… There is no other option.”


“I gave you another option.” Ling pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.


Ed grinned weakly. “You know I can’t…” he started, before a large sigh from Ling interrupted him and he was frowning again. “Fine, I guess this is good bye, then.” He turned on a heel and began to stomp his way out of the alley they stood in. “If I were you, I’d go back to Xing now,” the alchemist called over his shoulder.


“And if I were you, I’d take my offer!” Ling called back, though Ed had already disappeared out of the alleyway and onto the busy streets of Central.


It took Ling a moment to realize what had just happened, before he growled and stomped off in the opposite direction.


He’d give Edward a day, before the alchemist would find the error in his way and come back, and if it were to take Ed longer than a day… Then he would just have to travel back to Xing at a very slow pace, to give his lover enough time to catch up. And Ling did hope Edward would catch up, or else… It would be a very long and lonely trip back, home.

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