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TITLE: End of a Journey
AUTHOR: alchemistx
ARTIST: evilinflight
THEME: #20- fumbling towards ecstacy

For  20_inkspots

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It had been a rough journey, one that started in cheap motel rooms in Rush Valley and ended in a beautiful palace in a foreign country.

It had been a long journey, Ed mused as he laid in a king seized bed, with a snoring Xingian Emperor at his side.

From first meeting, to first fight, to first awkward moments of sex in a all to small bed, with the unspoken fear that a giant suit of armor may walk in on them at any given time.

To Ling’s first time in central, Ed’s first insight on the loyalty of the Prince’s followers, and when the man Ed considered a lover first meet the man he considered a father.

To all those nights Ed had a warm body in bed next to his, who he had confide all his worries and anger too, and how that was all gone in those months where Greed had walked the earth in Ling’s body. (That was probably the roughest spot in the journey.) But to Ed’s amazement and silent wonder, they had over come it, and from there… the journey only got better.

Al had his body back and was starting his own family in Resembol, while his brother lay under silk sheets as a lover of one of Xing’s greatest Emperors.

They had fumbled a little while trying to get here… but now Ed was finally in ecstasy.


Edward was sleeping in again, Ling thought to himself, a little amused. His finger reached out and he started tracing Edward’s fine facial features. He was surprised at how use to the life of luxury his lover had become, thinking back on the days were Edward would get up in the early hours of the morning (the same time maids and the help of the palace was supposed to be up and about) and go to the library to read, or wait at the emperor’s side until the ruler of Xing stirred, and awoken. But now, only two months into their new living arrangements, Ed was sleeping in past noon. He was relaxing, and this eased something in the Emperor’s mind.

Two months… it had only been to months, those months passed by so fast… yet so slowly at the same time. The enjoyment Ling got from showing his lover around his beautiful country, from teaching Edward his language, from watching Edward dress in Xingian silk day after day, made time sped up and those two months only seemed like two days…

But the frustration that came with having Edward as a lover was taking toll, and those two months… seemed like half a year. He remembered his and Ed’s first fight (in Xing) he had been in a meeting with some important advisors when his blond typhoon came (exploded) in. Ed’s anger had been apparent, and he yelled at the Emperor (in front of countless council men) for negligence, he threatened to go back home, (something that broke Ling’s heart but he covered that hurt well) before turning and storming back out. Ling had excused himself from the meeting to go and make up with his lover and future wife. The making up part had taken two days, much shorter then Ling expected, but getting back to that meeting never happened, and there had been much talk about the Emperor needing to control his “concubine” better. Another thing that made Edward rather angry.

Besides Edward’s short temper, which he was getting better at controlling, especially in front of important people, there was, of course, the alchemist’s home sickness. That found the blond locked in Ling’s bedroom sobbing for hours, keeping Ling out and with nothing to do until Ed had only a hour left of tears, and he would unlock the door, allow Ling in their bedroom, and spend that hour left of tears with his lover.

But Ed was Ed and he seemed to be getting less homesick by the day.

Ah yes, and even though Ed could be raunchy and only seem to care about himself or his brother, he really did love Ling, the emperor mused, though the blond could take the time to say it more then during a night of passion. But so was the tale of being Edward Elric’s lover, and so was the tale of Ling. 

cry with me

He sighed, it had been a long journey, trying to get Ed in his bed, and trying to get into Ed’s heart. They had stumbled along the way, but now Ling was finally in ecstasy

-Fin (until next time) 

LET ME JUST SAY... Even though my story was incredibly un-beta'd and what not, evilnflightless's beautiful pictures make up for it 100%

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