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Another old fic

Here's another old fic of mine. 

TITLE: Who you belong to
PAIRING: Ling/Ed!Pride Implied Pride/Envy Ed/Roy Ed/Ling
WARNINGS: I kind of crossed the manga with BlueBird's Illusion... my advice, don't think about it to much. SPOLIERS FOR BBI AND LING!
I don't remember if this is beta'd or not. 

Another meeting drawled on, until Ling unexpectedly interrupted it with a loud and lazy yawn. Causing everyone in the board room to stare at him, and all arch eye brows as if an automatic response to demand why he interrupted such an important meeting.


Emperor Yao Ling casually ignored their stares, and rubbed his stiff neck before pushing his chair back and standing up. "Gentlemen," he announced, "I believe we should call this meeting to an end. Five hours is much too long, and I, the emperor have other matters to attend to."


His advisors all looked at each other, and seemed to be debating if they should stop or not, just by wiggling a few eye brows. But Ling didn't stick around for their agreement, he was emperor after all, and could leave without any arguments, if he wished.


Ran Fan left her post by his chair to follow him out the door. Once, alone in the hallway, she gave her charge a disgruntle look, "What else do you have planned for today?" she asked in that monotone (yet sweet sounding) voice she had.


Ling let out another exaggerated yawn and began walking down to his bed chambers, "I plan on taking a nap." he stated, a usual impish grin playing on his lips, "The rest of the afternoon."


Ran Fan did not say anything, but watched the emperor walk and disappear down the hallway. When one of the advisor's walked out of the meeting room, looking relieved, she told him to make sure no one disturbed the  emperor... for the rest of the day.




The bed caught his eyes the minute he walked into the large chambers. How could it not? It took up much of the spacious room, and was layered with beautiful blankets and pillows of silk.


It never looked better to Ling, then it did at that moment.


He closed his eyes that ached from looking at all the charts and maps, took a deep breath, and then swiftly brought his silk shirt over his head, as he made his way to the massive bed.


When he felt the bed's presence before him, he opened his eyes and stared at what lay before him.


There was a lump on his bed. A massive lump that hid under the blankets, that resembled a human body curled up, on his side of the bed.


It was probably another maid, wishing to have a go with him. See if he'd fall head over heels in love with her at first sight, and maybe even crown her his queen. The very thought of that whole process tired Ling. He began to plan what he was going to say to the unruly girl once he came eye to eye with her, as his hand inched down to pull the blankets away.


Sorry, I don't care if you’re the most beautiful girl in Xing...


He grabbed the silks, "Look," he started pulled the blankets up and the person moved, "any other day I would be in the mood to play this game. But not today..."


Cause the one I want is...


The cover was pulled away and Ling gapped at what laid before him.


A blond haired, golden eyed Amestrian...


"Edward?" It sure looked like Edward, Blond hair, short stature, golden eyes... not as bright as they may have once been but they were definitely Edward's. But while the boy that laid before him looked a lot like Edward Elric, he didn't... look like Edward Elric.


For the fury and hardness that was always found in Edward's eye was absent, replaced by childish wonder and confusion. The very fact that the boy was curled up in a fettle position was very unlike Edward, and the tight black clothes he was wearing (which made Ling feel light headed for a moment.) was something Ed would never wear... well not in front of Ling. Not with out his trusty red coat to hide the fine curves that were currently exposed, or to hide the fact that the boy was wearing... a skirt?


"Ling?" the boy asked. Making Ling jump out of his thoughts and stare at the boy in awe.


That was definitely Edward Elric's voice!


The Edward Elric look alike shifted out of his curled position and began to sit up. His eyes lit up a little, as though everything was coming together, and confusion was no longer needed. He pionted a small (non-metal) finger at Ling and once again said, "Ling!"


Ling couldn't help but take a step back.


No metal limbs... This Edward had no metal limbs, but the arm that was suppose to be metal, instead had strange red markings. Markings that Ling's mind quickly put together looked like the transmutation for the philosopher’s stone.


Something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. Was this Edward? The real Edward, if so why was he acting so weird, and why did he have those markings on his arm?


But if this was an Edward look alike, where'd he come from... and why did he come to Ling?


Unless, Ling decided, God thought it would be nice to spear him the long choosing and pickings of his queen and give him what he most desired...


But it was then that Ling noticed what lay on Ed's left arm, and his happy theory became the worst possibility.


An oroburus...




Ling stumbled back, his hands reaching for the hilt of a sword that wasn't by his side. He cursed when his hand gripped nothing.


He shot a wide eyed look at the homunculus sitting on his bed, and nearly fell over in surprise when the Edward look alike just gave him a blank look.


Why wasn't the creature on him? Didn't it want to kill him? He needed answers, so, pushing his frantic feeling aside, he took a deep breath and commanded, "Homunculus, why are you here?" his eyes narrowed as the wardrobe Ed was wearing looked identical to Envy's. "Is that you shape shifter?"


No... That didn't make sense, Envy wasn't so stupid to wear his ungodly clothes when in disguise and blow his cover. He would be identical to Edward in every way (is eyes, in clothing, in hot temper) and play with the Emperor's emotions.


The homunculus didn't move, but said, "You know my brother?"


Ling sputtered, "Your... brother?"


The golden hair bobbed as the homunculus nodded, "Yes, Envy." he stated.


"And...And who are you?" Ling was afarid to ask.


"I am called Pride." The sin answered.


"And how do you know my name?" Ling asked, "Did your... 'brother' tell you?"


Pride shook his head, "No Brother doesn't talk much about humans." he answered, "But when I woke up, I knew nothing except a name. Ling. It wasn't very hard to figure out that was the name of the Emperor of Xing. I figured a ruler of a country would know what I need to know."


Ling gulped. Childish innocence in looks, but the mind was sharp. "And what do you need to know?"


Pride suddenly got a look, one of someone completely lost, "I want to know... 'Why'?"


"Why?" Ling asked.


Pride nodded, "Why was I born? Why do I hurt sometimes? Why do I always have to hide? Why did I know your name when I didn't even know my own?"


Ling was lost of words.


Why indeed. Had Edward's subconscious surface the moment Pride woke up? But that still made no sense. Because then, why his name. Ling had always assumed his position as Edward's friend, Edward's companion. It was true he wished to be more, but he had always known Edward had liked the General and his brother more then the future Xingian Emperor.


He recalled saying, before he left, "Take care of things General, I wish you a good future."


Roy had given him a placed smile and said, "Thank you Your Highness, I wish you luck at becoming emperor."


It was almost like they had a understanding, Ling starred at Mustang's good looking features for another moment then let out a long sigh, "And take care of Edward." he had said, "if any harm is to befall him, it will be your head." he almost grinned at Mustang's surprise features.


Surprise turned to a warm look, and Roy graced him with a genuine smile, "Of course Your Highness..."


Ling closed his eyes, erasing the memory, and the image that came after of Ed and Alphonse (in newly restored body) waving and smiling as they saw him off.


'You've failed General...' Ling couldn't help but think bitterly, as he started to walk up to Pride. In three large strides he was by the magnificent bed, with its magnificent creature, and without another word he bent down, cupped Pride's little chin and tipped it upward, in the perfect position as Ling dominated the sin's soft lips.


Edward had saved him while he had been Greed. He had put up with him, and never gave up hope. Until Ling new the dynamics of what was going on, and who exactly Pride was, he would do the same.


For Ed...


Ling broke the kiss, leaving Pride gasping a little as a small trail of saliva trailed to his chin. Ling couldn't help but smile, and his thumb stroked the saliva away, "You want to know why you knew my name, I will tell you." Pride looked at him intensely and Ling, in return, looked deep into those golden eyes, "Because... You are mine."  



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