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Let sleeping bunnies... lay.

I found this old bunny, and i'm not sure if I should continue it and if I should where will it take me~ But whatever, here it is because Track, Play Practice, and my life actrually going somewhere as deprived you people of LING/ED. 

TITLE: REAL (Thats the title... for now.)
PAIRING: LING/ED ED/ENVY (Maybe a threesome is in this bunnies future.) 
SUMMARY: There were rumors... About him and Ling? ...Wildest sex in Xing?
NOTES: Totally and completly not beta'd, I wrote this a long time ago. 

"That damn bastard, leaving me in here with nothing to do." Ed scowled, crossing his arms over his silk clothes with a pout. His golden eyes twitched with annoyance as they gave the grand room a once over, searching for something to entertain himself with, while Ling was away at a “royal meeting.”


His eyes eventually fell on a big trunk, decorated with jewels and elaborate designs. It was very beautiful, and Ed's fingers itched to open it. Not just because of its looks, but because Ling had told him many times not to.


He chewed on the inside of his cheek, and suddenly got off the bed. The servant that had been left in the room to watch over him whimpered pitifully, seeing where Ed was heading. "Master Ling told you not to touch that," she reminded.


Every damn day... Ed thought angrily, then turned to give the young woman a glare to scare her off. She squeaked and jumped a little, but did not run.


Ed strode confidently over to the trunk and knelt down. "Look," he told her, "If... 'Master Ling' has a problem with it, he'll just yell at me. So don't worry." He looked back at her once again, saw she still wore a unsure look, then turned back to the trunk.


His hand gripped the lid, and he lifted. It didn't budge. A growl escaped from the back of his throat.




Without a second though, or any concern for his lover's request, Ed clapped his hands and then placed them on the trunk.


The crackle of alchemy was heard and the lid slowly disappeared. When the reaction was done, Ed was left staring in bewilderment at what the trunk contained.


Leather... Chains...


He gulped when he spotted a whip, and other various (scary looking) sex toys, but these weren't normal toys, these were Xingian toys. And everyone knew about the Xingians’ sex. It was crazy, wild, rough... And as close to real as anything else. People were actually afraid of it. Its reputation contained embarrassing and horrific stories from even the most experienced lover.


Ed had been surprised. Ling hadn't pried him into having any real Xingian sex, and now after seeing some unfamiliar Xingian sex toys, that looked... Well, terrifying, Ed decided he was never going to let him!


"What is it?" The servant asked meekly, coming up to his side. Ed quickly tried to cover the trunk with his body, but it was too late. The maid saw and, after an awkward moment, burst into a fit of giggles. "I guess the rumors are true..." she told Ed, whose face was beginning to look like a cherry. "You two do have the wildest sex in all of Xing," she announced in a mocking singsong tone.


Ed gaped. "W-What!" he stuttered, the blood in his toes rushing to his face in a matter of seconds.


There were rumors... About him and Ling? ...Wildest sex in Xing?


He had to put this poor girl straight. While, yes, he and Ling did have a good sex life, and wild, but kink had no place in it.


"N-No, that’s not... I mean..." He had her attention, but sadly was at a loss for words to say.


He took a deep breath and tried again, "I've never seen... Or used any of these items with Ling. And all I can say really is.... Don't believe everything you hear in rumors."


There that was nice. Truthful and direct! Good job, he congratulated himself. 


She blinked at him in awe. "You...You haven't?" she asked.


Ed shook his head, and a sly, sexy smile crossed her lips. "Would you like to try them... with me?" She purred, leaning over him and pushing her breast out in Ed's face.


Ed gasped in shock, and staggered back, as she advanced on him. "...Fullmetal pipsqueak?" Her voice became lighter and more familiar.


Edward tensed at it. "Envy?" he licked his lips, and watched as a light sparkled in the woman's eyes.


"So you haven't forgotten!" she exclaimed, and her body took on an eerie glow. And then the familiar long, lean, and dark figure was looming over Ed. The coal colored eyes that had been shining were now a glowing purple.


Ed's breaths came quick and short, his mind a total blank. Envy crawled over Ed's prone body, then looked back at the trunk, and idly picked up a line of chains. He shoved them expectantly into Edward's face, gave them a little rattle and said, "Why don't we test them out?"


Before Ed could protest, the homunculus was on him.



What will happen next? Will this story just be another non-con Ed/Envy, or will Ling come in in time to save his lover... or will Ling walk in, be turned on and join the homunculus in a hour of kinky sex? 

.... I really don't know :?

Tags: envy/ed, fic, ling/ed, maybe, threesome

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