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Wow! Another Ling/Ed Theme

Its been a while, and i've been busy! But here's something I wrote during school (... its not very good...) 

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: Take thy lovers hand
Author/Artist: AlchemistX
Theme: #8. One Last Date
Pairing/Characters: Ed/Ling
Rating: PG-13
I don’t want to leave… you know that right? Call me a hopeless romantic but… I love you. 


It wasn’t right… something just didn’t fit.

Ed sighed and stared at the space on his bed for a good ten minutes trying to figure out what was so wrong. Finally, he bent down, picked up a white polo and refolded it, “Maybe if I placed it like this…” he breathed placing the polo back in his brown suitcase, in-between a black pair of slacks and one of the numerous new clothes Ling had bought for him during his time in Xing. Indeed the polo took less room and now Ed had room to fit his silk slippers in.

Ed grinned triumphantly, “Looks like nothing will be left behind, Al.” he announced to his brother.

Al looked up from his own suitcase, “That’s good brother,” he flashed Ed one of his charming smiles before looking back down at his own suitcase and frowning, “I think I might need to mail some of this back to Winry.” He sighed.

He moved some more clothes in hopes of fitting a couple more small boxes filled with beautifully crafted Xingian jewelry he had bought for Winry. The rest of her presents (Xingian metal he had scraped, some tools, and so on) would need to be mailed.

Content with what he had managed to fit in, Alphonse carefully closed his suitcase and secured the buckle.

Edward, Alphonse noted, had been uncharacteristically quiet during the time of his rearranging and he brought up his bronze colored eyes to see what Edward was doing.

His brother was sitting on the bed, hands folded neatly in lap yet fidgeting slightly, while his ghostly golden eyes stared anxiously at the clock. Al wasn’t sure what his brother was waiting for. Tomorrow they would hop on a train in the early hours and leave the country of Xing behind forever. Like a happy family leaving a foreign country they had vacationed on, left with only the want to return and relax some more, but knowing they had a home and things to do. That was probably how Ed felt right now, Al thought sadly, and it must be tearing him up, for while Ed had family and a life in Amestris… he also had one in Xing.

“Ed?” he began, but was quickly cut off but a curt yawn Edward made.

Ed smacked his lips tiredly when done, “Mann, I’m tried. I think we should hit the sack Al, we have a early morning.” He reached and began to pull out the bed covers from underneath him.

Al smiled grimly; His brother was trying to move on.

“Okay Brother,” he agreed and began to do the same to his own small bed. When both where covered, and heads lay on their soft pillows, while Ed lazily reached out and turned off the lamp, they fell asleep.

Dreams of returning to Winry, danced in Al’s head. While at the same time Dreams of the life he would have lived in Xing, with Ling, danced in Ed’s.


He didn’t know what time it was when he heard the rattling. It was to dark to look at the clock and see, but the rattling near the window didn’t stop, and Ed found himself desperate enough to find out what the hell it was (so he could shut up it) to slowly climb out of bed.

The room was cold, compared to his bed sheets, still warm from his body. Ed had to cover himself up after the first attempt to get out of bed; the second attempt was more successful as he found the strength to tough it out and quickly walk to the window.

He was a little more awake now, and recognized the rattling as something Ling always did to get his attention. Ed knew the routine, he reached the window, and opened it.

As if summoned, Ling popped into view, a smile on his face. Ed glared back, “Hi!”

Ed knew why he was here, sex, it was always why Ling came to him. But not tonight, Ed refused to leave Xing on such a note. “Ling,” he said, “No, not tonight! I have to get up early, Al’s in the room tonight and…”

“What?” Ling interrupted.

Ed growled, “Do you want me to spell it out, No sex tonight!”

The Prince shook his head, a gentle smile playing on his lips, his black locks falling into face, “That is not why I am here.” He stated.

Ed’s jaw dropped, “What?” he hissed. Ling didn’t come for sex? Then what had he come for? Ed’s heart skipped up beat as possibilities played in his mind.

“Tonight is your last night in Xing,” Ling explained, “I believe it is my duty to make it a good one. Come, Come…” he extended his hand and Ed stared at it for a long moment… dumbfounded.

“What?” Ed asked again, this time it came out a disbelieving squeak.

Ling sighed, “Come on Edward, the night won’t last for ever. It is our last night together… and I intend to make it a good one. Just me and you, there will be food, and dancing…” A charming smile came across the Prince’s features, and Ed was still lost of words to say.

Our Last night?

The alchemist looked behind him at the sleeping bundle that was his brother. “He won’t notice you’re gone.” The Prince coaxed.


Ed bit his bottom lip.

Like… a date?

Ling never took him on dates. Their…relationship seemed like that of two sex buddies, Ling had showed interest in something more then sex… once or twice, but nothing Ed would categorize as a date.

He continued to eye the Prince wearily.

Our first and last date. He thought a bit bitterly, but took the extended hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Maybe our relationship isn’t what it seems…

Ling smiled and squeezed back.

I don’t want to leave… you know that right? Call me a hopeless romantic but… I love you. 


Tags: 30 nights, challenge, fic, ling/ed

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