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A Fic for a Ling/Ed Challenge

Wow, The second one is done Already! BEWARE TEH ANGST!!!!!!!

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Title: A Desperate Kind of Love
Author/Artist: alchemistx
Theme: #11. You will never look at me
Pairing/Characters: Ed/Ling
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This was their relationship now, the crumbled mess left behind by Greed.

For 30_nights

There they were, once again…

A small hotel room, an even smaller bed, in the dead of night, and Ling was pounding, almost desperately into Ed, who had his eyes shut as tightly as possible. “Ed…” Ling panted, close to coming, “look at me.”

Edward’s head shook furiously, his blond bangs stuck to his sweat covered face, and his eyes still shut. Ling groaned, “Edward, look at me…”

Ed still didn’t open his eyes, but made a small sound that he knew Ling loved, a few short moments later, Ling was grunting into Ed’s ear as he came. He pulled back and watched as Edward’s face scrunched up, after a minute or two had passed, it relaxed. Ling pulled out, sticky semen dripping on them both as he did so. Only when he was no longer in Ed did the blonde alchemist open his eyes and take in a shuddering breath, as if he had been holding it in during the entirety of their lovemaking.

Ed took a couple more of those breaths as Ling picked up the bed covers and began to clean them both off. Himself first, and then leaning over and wrapping a secure arm around Ed’s waist (not missing how Edward tensed up at the contact, a small shushing sound and soft nuzzling on the shoulder relaxed him) before he started cleaning him up.

This was their relationship now, the crumbled mess left behind by Greed. A desperate kind of love, where Ling’s only drive was to be inside Ed and be reminded with every thrust that this was real, that he was feeling all this in his body, and that his lover was under him and only him. A relationship where Edward had to be constantly reminded that this was, in fact, his lover, and not some monster using his body.

Yes, this was all they had left. ‘Making love’ really wasn’t what the title implied anymore. Ed wouldn’t even open his eyes to look at Ling when they had sex. Those beautiful golden orbs, which Ling once loved to watch glaze over in pleasure…Were no longer his. Ed forbade him this right, no matter how much he… Begged.

Ling realized this very well meant, after everything they’d been through, that Edward might never look at him the same way again.

Edward was clean now, and all that the towel Ling was still moving up and down his body was accomplishing was petting Edward, and luring him into a serene sleep.

Ling kissed his lover gently on the shoulder blade, and prayed that one day, despite what had happened with Greed; Edward might grace Ling by letting him see those beautiful golden eyes once again.


Tags: 30 nights, challenge, fic, ling/ed

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