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Ling's Fangirl Fic [Mar. 12th, 2006|07:16 am]
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Because we all know Ling is a fan...boy, in his own right. My sense of humor is loved so much XD

WORDS: 834
Summary:  “Alphonse, I want you to know that I may be the cause of Edward’s pain, but do not worry. I take full responsibility." Ling told the younger Elric.

“Ling, you can’t see Brother. He’s sick, has been for the past three days. The doctors think it may be contagious,” Alphonse hastily explained, putting his big, bulky body between the Prince and the hotel room where his brother lie.

Ling raised an elegant eyebrow at the younger Elric. “Sick? Sick how?” he questioned.

“Well, Brother has been throwing up… A lot. Every morning, like clockwork. He sleeps a lot, and when he’s not sleeping he acts really moody.”

Ling nodded to all the symptoms, eyes growing big.

Throwing up? Moodiness? Weren't those signs of...

His jaw slacked when realization hit him. Al was still babbling about Ed's illness, “The doctor told me not to give him solid foods, so I’ve tried giving him chicken soup, but he just throws it up.”

This was not something chicken soup could cure. Ling gawked at the fact that Alphonse hadn’t noticed what was going on for himself, what with Edward’s morning sickness and sudden moodiness. (Not that Edward wasn't always a bit moody.)

Alphonse squeaked when Ling’s hands snatched up his own leather gauntlets in one quick motion. The Prince had a look of indifference on his face. “L-Ling…” Al began.

“Alphonse, I want you to know that I may be the cause of Edward’s pain, but do not worry. I take full responsibility." Ling told the younger Elric.

"E-Excuse Me?"


Edward felt sick. His nose was red, and hurt from blowing it into rough paper all day. He couldn’t look at the chicken soup Al had left for him to eat without wanting to throw up, and his head felt huge, which made it very difficult to look up when he heard the door clicked open. The headache he had been nursing since the morning suddenly increased ten-fold. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he seethed.

Ling stuck out his bottom lip. “I’m here to nurse in your time of need,” he explained and eagerly made his way to Edward’s bed.

“What--No! I’m sick, I don’t want to put up with you right now. Let me--," Edward’s protest was suddenly cut off when Ling placed a warm hand on his abdomen. Confusion fogged his heavy head and Edward watched, dumbfounded, as Ling patted and stroked his stomach lovingly. “What are you doing?” he finally asked.

“Mmm, I love you, you know that?” Ling quickly switched the subject.

Ed’s face flushed (he blamed his illness) and he looked away. “Yeah… I know…”

“I will take care of you… And our baby…”

The words took a moment for a content Ed to register (another thing he blamed his illness on), but when he made sense of what Ling had said, he was outraged.


“You haven’t told Alphonse, he was a bit upset when I was the one to tell him…” Ling murmured, leaning down to press his face against Edward’s abdomen, but Edward’s hands grabbed a hold of him before he could and shoved him away.

"Ling! What the hell are you spewing now?" Ed shouted, his fever and headache forgotten as Ling gaped at him from the ground.

"Our baby!" Ling stated, "The one in your stomach, my heir... Unless... Unless it's not my heir?" His eyes flashed darkly.

Ed huffed in frustration. "NO! Of course it's not your heir... Because there is no baby! I'm not a woman, do I look like one?"

"Well--," Ling opened his mouth, then quickly closed it as Ed shot him a raged filled glare.

"Ling! You and I have screwed enough for you to know damn well that I'm not a woman. Thus, I cannot carry a baby, especially not yours!"

Ling responded with a grin. "The gods of Xing smile down upon the future Emperor, and his wife." He beamed and Ed growled, then groaned and gripped his head as he noticed the magnified headache that had been hovering overhead. Ling watched cautiously as the blond slowly lie back down. A sudden peg of guilt hit him; was his baby making Edward sick?

He slowly grasped reality and got up on his knees next to the bed's edge. "Are you really sick?" he asked sweetly, cautious in case a pillow were to suddenly be used as a weapon.

A groan was his response.

He elbowed the body, which, after a moment, shifted to one side of the bed, giving him room to climb in. His arms wrapped around a tiny waist, and he snuggled into Edward's back. "And you're sure a baby isn't causing you to throw up?"

He heard Ed snort. "I'm sure," he said, and Ling thought he heard sarcasm in that voice. The Prince shook it off, and went back to snuggling. "You know this kind of sickness could be contagious." Ed snickered at the thought. He heard Ling sniff exaggeratedly into his back, probably mourning the loss of his... Nonexistent child. Ed sighed, and sniffed his congested nose. "Yeah, poor you."



Ed snickered as Ling staggered out of the bathroom gripping his stomach. The Prince was looking a bit... Green.

"I told you it would probably be contagious." Ed smirked, and Ling shot him a glare, before his hand snapped up over his mouth and he rushed off to the bathroom again. Edward couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Ling's voice wavered weakly from the bathroom. "Edward, it's not funny... I think I might be pregnant."


[User Picture]From: ling_yao_freak
2011-06-09 06:51 pm (UTC)
lol XD ling there is so kawaii and clueless
the last line killed me "Edward, it's not funny... I think I might be pregnant." you have a sick twist of humor XD (dont take it offensive!)

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