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DISAPPEAR: A Ling/Ed... thing

AUTHOR: Alchemistx
BETA: Sixteen_Letters
WORDS: 430
WARNING: Spoilers for Chapter 56
SUMMARY: His eyes were stinging...

Here's a little thing I wrote, because I need to post something. Companion Fic to WAITING

“Did you give her the message?”

Ed tensed once he heard the voice, but just kept walking. Maybe if he ignored it, it would just go away. To his dismay, this didn’t solve the problem. Eventually a shadow loomed by his side, and a familiar voice said, “Yo, he wants to know if you gave her the message.”

Ed pursed his lips and clenched his fists before he abruptly halted, and turned to face Greed. “Yeah, I gave her the message.”

A toothy grin came to what had once been Ling’s facial features. “Really? Good, boy, what did she say?” he crooned.

Ed ran a hand through his hair, and his golden eyes darted from one object to the next, trying to look at anything besides Greed face. “I don’t know, Al stuck around and gave her the damn thing,”

Greed’s grin grew wider, turning into an amused smile. “Really, why didn’t you stick around?” he pried.

Ed gave him a threatening growl before turning to resume walking down the busy streets of Central, and choosing to ignore Greed’s question.

He didn’t expect to have one of his arms suddenly snatched up by Greed’s inhuman grip.

Ed gritted his teeth. People were beginning to look. “Let go, Greed...” he seethed.

“Come on, Ed,” Greed purred, “Tell him why you didn’t stick around.”

Ed reeled around, feeling Greed’s grip on his arm loosen and let go, and with his free arm Ed snatched up Greed’s shirt collar and held him in a tight grip. Golden eyes flashed dangerously as they glared into mischievous purple. “You’re a real bastard, you know that...”

“Aw, Edward, there really is no need for you to insult your friend...”

“You both are,” Ed snapped quickly, his grip on Greed’s collar tightening until his knuckles turned white. “Ling, if you can fucking hear me, I want you to know you’re a real fucking moron, letting a guy like this take over your body. And then you don’t even let... Even let me help… Do you really think so little of our... Our... Friendship?” He finished weakly, and looked away, completely appalled and embarrassed about what he had said. He was currently kicking himself for making it sound so... Cliché.

His eyes were stinging...

“Edward, I’m hurt,” Greed’s voice sighed, and to Edward’s amazement... He really sounded... Hurt! Ed’s gaze whirled to Greed, ready to demand not to be mocked, when he noticed... Greed’s purple eyes were black.

Ed blinked, “Ling?”

Those beautiful black eyes closed all too slowly, and when they opened they were purple again, flashing with a maniacal kind of happiness. “Ouch, that was a little rough. Oh well, got him to shut up for a little while.” The homunculus grinned.

Ed quickly shoved him away in disgust. Greed fell flat on his butt, and just sat there as he watched the blonde disappear into the Central crowd.


Tags: fic, greedling, ling/ed

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