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WARNING: AU, wtf-ness, Armor-sex

0.o What! Armor sex without Alphonse, how does that happen.

His vision swam when he opened his eyes. The world around him looked dark and foggy and the presence of familiar faces that surrounded him made it seem brighter. He forced a smile and said a sleepy, "Hi," surprised that his throat didn’t hurt. Edward’s head, which had been bowed, snapped up. His golden eyes quickly replaced worry with relief. The lines in his face that the worrying had caused still remained, however. Ling smiled lovingly at him. "Edward…" the Prince breathed, as he lifted hand to caress Edward’s cheek with his hand (yes, his hand, their plan had worked, he had gotten his body back!), when suddenly Edward jerked out of reach.

Ling gave his lover a questioning look, when he suddenly understood. His heard sank a little, but he urged it to buck up. It was nothing he couldn’t fix. "Edward, it’s me… Ling. I’m not Greed anymore," he coaxed.

Ed stared at him, the worry back in his eyes as he said, "It's not... That."

"Well then, why do you flinch away? I want to feel you again," Ling urged.

Ed didn’t do anything for a moment, turning the offer around in his mind, before finally he crawled over to where Ling laid, and draped himself across the Prince’s chest.

But something was wrong; Ling couldn’t feel weight on his chest… The thought only flashed through Ling’s mind for a second before he shrugged it off. Edward had probably lost weight, he had been miraculously light to begin with. With that Ling wrapped his arms around Ed and pressed the alchemist against him. Ed grunted a little but didn’t complain…Didn’t say anything, and that was a little odd. And why…Why couldn’t he feel his alchemist’s body heat? "Edward--" He looked down… And froze.

"I’m sorry…" Edward said when it seemed Ling had noticed.

He was wearing gloves… No, gauntlets… Something that he had never worn before, and these were bigger than his hands should have been. He lifted one up to his eyes for inspection, still holding Edward with one arm, and was shocked speechless to see this big monster of a hand, that wasn’t his, was attached to a shiny metal arm, that certainly wasn’t his.

He began to wonder how his body was able to move in such a massive suit of metal, but with Edward's words still hanging in the air, it all clicked together. Like a jigsaw puzzle… With a very bloody picture.

Edward’s words… Or Edward’s confession…

"H-How did it happen?" he asked.

"We were fighting Greed," Edward explained against Ling’s cool chest plate, "and you kept looking for opportunities to regain control… I-I don’t know how--It all happened so fast, but Greed suddenly said something about how you were gone. Your soul wasn’t in the body anymore. He had to get rid of it… You went to the other side of the gate, and I-I couldn’t let that bastard win so easily. So I transmuted some metal into a body, and I--"

Ling didn’t let him finish. He flipped Edward over to inspect his body. "Hey!" Ed squawked.

Ling froze again when he saw. "You're…Not missing any limbs."

Edward looked away. "Yeah… I didn’t give something but… Someone else did."


Edward licked his lips. "Ran Fan…"

Ling squeezed his lover in a panic. Ed grunted, but the Prince didn't seem to notice. "Where is she?" he asked.

"Al and the Colonel took her to the nearest hospital. They're going to call Winry, Ran is going to need another automail arm," Ed supplied. Slowly Ling's grip eased and Ed let out a giant sigh. "I stayed with you until you woke up..." he added quietly, but not so quietly that Ling didn't hear.

The hollow suit of armor was quiet for a while until Ling's metallic voice echoed out of it, "I know..."


"Edward," Ling chuckled, "It's fine, Really!"

Edward glared at the large suit of armor from the tiny hotel bed. "No, it's not Ling." he insisted, his golden eyes following the suit of armor as it moved across the hotel room to where Ling's sword had been laid. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Ling picked up his sword and the cloth he used to wrap it in, and began to do so.

"For... For taking away your ability to eat, to feel, to sleep, to touch!"

"Mmmm, for making my dream come true," Ling purred, looking up. "Eating only slowed me down, the as did sleeping. Now I can never tire, and never die. This is what I came to this country for, and because of you, I've acquired it. So when you think about it, I'm in your debt." The cheer in his voice made Ed's stomach tighten, and a wave of shame washed over him.

He was silent while Ling continued to wrap his sword. "I will be leaving for Xing soon," the Prince said, "Ran Fan will have her automail surgery there, surrounded by family, and it will introduce the theory of metal limbs to my country.Your mechanic has already agreed. Meanwhile, I wish to take up my position as Emperor as soon as possible. What will you and Alphonse do?"

Ed licked his lips. "We're still going to look for the Stone. I want to find my old man, and ask him some questions."

"Ah I see, while a prince's quest ends, yours is still continuing. I wish you the best of luck."

"Yeah..." Ed sighed, and then there was silence between them. An awkward tension, that silently, Ed blamed Ling for. So that was it. Ling was leaving the moment he had gotten immortality.

"Greed's still out there, you know," Ed found himself saying.

Ling's new hands were trying to tie a knot in the cloth to keep it in place, now that he had finished wrapping .The Prince only hummed in acknowledgement. "I know." He finished the knot and set the sword down. The blue orbs that were his eyes set themselves on Edward, and stared.

Edward bristled. "What?" he snapped.

"I realize that all of this must be so unfair to you," Ling said, "I mean, we haven't seen much of each other since Greed came along, and now I'm leaving..." 

And whose fault is that, bastard?
Ed thought bitterly.

"I would like to make it all up to you, lover. Since this will be one of our last nights together in a long time, I suggest we test out this new body of mine."

All bitterness was lost, and Ed's jaw slackened in utter disbelief. "What?"

"Well when was the last time we made love... Mmm, my it was so long ago I have forgotten. I figure I owe you at least a night of passion before I head off," Ling explained cheerfully, spreading his metal legs wide to show off a dick he didn't have.

Edward worked his jaw a couple of times before words actually came out, "Ling... You can't feel anything. How would it be a night of passion?"

"It would feel good for you, wouldn't it? And your orgasms are always a pleassure for me to watch," the Prince explained.

"You don't even have a... Ew, no! It would be too weird. It would be like... Like doing it with AL!! No! Sorry." Ed folded his arms across his chest in a determined manner, while his declaration of no sex didn't seem to bother Ling.

"It wouldn't be weird. You are an alchemist, no? Just be... Creative. Yes, tonight will be a creative night. Sound good?" There was hope in the question, and Ed paused to think about it, "And Alphonse is accompanying Mrs.Winry and Ran Fan at the hospital all night. We wouldn't be interupted." Ling added for a bit of interest.

Ed mused over the offer.

Creative night, hm?
He really hadn't gotten much, since Greed had come along, that much was true. Plus, who knew when the next time he would see Ling again would be...?

His arms fell to the edge of the bed, and he gave Ling a wicked smile. "Okay, I guess this 'creative night' sounds like fun. But you have to do whatever I tell you."

The blue orbs flashed. "Okay," Ling responded, and one could practically hear the excitement in Ling's voice.

Ed patted the bed he sat on. "Come here, and lay down." The suit of armor obeyed.

Ling laid on his back, his massive body practically took up the whole bed. Ed stood up and started taking his clothes off, and Ling watched with intense interest until the last bit of clothing was thrown in some random direction, leaving a naked, grinning blonde. "Okay," Ed announced, "Your turn."

"Your Turn?" Ling didn't know what that meant, since he was just a naked suit of armor, but he wanted to find out. He watched Ed clap his hands, and place them on the crotch of the armor. Slowly the metal formed upwards, and when Edward took his alchemically buzzing hands away, Ling was sporting a shiny, metal erection. A large one at that. "Mmmm...." Ling purred.

Ed quickly walked over to wear his red coat had fallen, and fished through the pockets until he came up with a small bottle of lube. "Hope this is enough," he whispered.

Ling stretched out on the bed. "I'm sure it will be..." he said. Ed gave him a unconvinced look, before he shrugged and climbed onto the bed.

There was little room for him, as he sat on his knees on the bed's edge. He opened the bottle, and promptly poured half of it onto his hands before he went to the task of covering Ling's new addition. Ling purred from where he lie. He enjoyed watching Ed in such a position, stark naked, leaning over him, and applying oily lube to a big metal dick. Mmmm, he could take him right then and there, but he knew better. The odds of him accidently hurting Edward in the process were great, so he did the next best thing. He grabbed the bottle, supplied a bit of lube on a gloved finger, and then slipped that finger between Ed's ass cheeks.

Edward, who hadn't noticed the movment, jumped and yelped in surprise. "LING!"

"Shh, I'll prepare you while you prepare me. Deal?" Ling asked.

Ed snorted. "It seems like we're doing a lot of dealing tonight," he noted. Ling laughed in response, his lubed finger abandoning the job of looking for Ed's tight hole and moving to cup the blond's balls. Ed moaned in response, and bent down to rest his cheek against cool metal while he composed himself.

It was a beautiful sight.

"Ling-" he moaned, "Come on..."

Ling sighed. "Fine." His finger went up, and started stroking up and down Edward's butt. A few minutes after he started doing this, Ed sat up, and started lubing up the penis once again. When he was done, and Ling's shiny dick not only glittered from being made of metal, but from all the lube on it, Ling stopped his lazy strokes, and his finger went to where he knew Ed's entrance was. He pushed in.

Edward hissed in response, and his hands gripped the slippery penis. "Ling... It's, Ah....too big..." he gasped.

"If you can barely take a finger, how do you expect to take that massive 'creation' of yours?" Ling sang.

Ed closed his eyes and didn't respond. His hips moved as he tried to adjust to the finger, and eventually Ling saw his muscles relax... A little. "Ready..." his alchemist breathed, and Ling took his other arm, picked Edward up and sat him on his chest plate. Edward was now straddling his abdomen.

Ling removed his finger slowly, and Ed's face twisted up and then relaxed. "I'm going to lift you up now..." Ling warned.

"Fine..." Ed wailed, "Hurry..."

Ling worked as fast as he could. He scooped Ed up and into the air, and then lined him up and best as he could with his metal hard-on. From there everything seemed to go to even more slowly. He had to gently press Edward against the tip, and Ed had to steady himself before Ling started easing him down. He watched the giant metal pole impale his lover, and he watched the different expressions that came to Ed's face.

At first pain, and Ling felt a pang of guilt. Then the pain eased away, and by time Ed had taken the entire pole, he had a look of utter bliss, and Ling was front row at his lover's hard penis.

"Does it feel good?" Ling asked.

"It feels... Different," Ed admitted.

Ling laughed, and the armor shook, moving Ed with it. The blond let out a pleasure-filled wail, and reached to grab his own erection. "God, it feels like... Ah, I'm about to explode."

Ling's leather hand slapped Ed's pink flesh away. "Let me finish you off..." the Prince insisted. Ed sputtered in protest, but Ling wiggled the suit of armor a little, and watch Ed gasp, and his hands withered away.

Ling's big hand wrapped around Ed's small (in comparison) erection, and began to stroke roughly. "You're beautiful like this, you know..." he spoke, "I think that after this I would like to watch you mouth my new asset while I fuck you with my helmet. Doesn't that sound fun..." Ed groaned and thrust, but didn't come, and Ling continued. "Now that I never sleep and never tire I could do this all night. Literally fuck you dry," he laughed, and Ed screamed.


He came all over Ling's hand, The Prince laughed while Ed panted, the blond wanted to bend over, but the large 'penis' that impaled him didn't allow it. He looked at Ling through heavy eyelids, to see what the prince might be doing, and if he hadn't been so tired, he would have sworn... the armor was smiling.


When Ed woke up, he was tucked under the covers of the hotel bed and light from the late afternoon was shining through the window. He squinted his eyes, and groaned. "Ling?" No answer. Ed looked at the room from where he lie, and didn't see the suit of armor. He turned over on his other side, and looked at that side of the room. "Ling?" he called out. He felt something poke his cheek and he (stiffly) propped himself up on his elbows to see what it was.

A note.

We'll see each other soon, and when we do, I would like to try the helmet thing.

Edward stared at the note for a moment, and then collapsed to the bed and huffed.

Yeah, he would see Ling again, he reminded himself. Maybe sooner then the Prince thought, because, Edward decided, he liked his lovers new body.

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