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"For... The woman who's waiting for him?" Ed repeated, looking down at the torn cloth that Greed had given him.

Alphonse looked away from the girl on the couch, back to his brother, who hadn't moved from the doctor's front door. Alphonse noted that his brother looked a little down and dazed (had been ever since Greed had given them the message for Ran Fan) so he spoke up with hopes of raising Ed's spirits.

"So Ling was able to get this message out to Ran Fan? That's a good sign, wouldn't you say brother?" he asked. "Ran Fan is probably worried about him. I bet Ling realized that."

Edward looked toward the kitchen, his hand moving in the pocket that held the note. He pulled it out, with the message clenched tightly in a fist. "Al?"

"Yes, brother?" Alphonse asked, perking up as his brother addressed him.

"Could... Could you give this to Ran Fan?" he asked. He held out the torn cloth and took a step forward. "I... Don't think I can..."

Alphonse reached out, the cloth was shoved into his leather gaunlet, and he stared down at it. "What, brother? Why can't you--," he began, but Ed had already turned around, and the front door slammed behind him, shaking photographs and shelves in his wake.

"Gah!" Knox grumbled, "You stupid kids! Your brother almost broke down my door." He glared at Alphonse, who stiffened in embarrassment. How could Edward leave him with such an angry man?

"I-I'm sorry..." he stuttered.


Al turned, and saw Ran Fan leaning heavily on a door frame. "H-Hi, Ran Fan..." he greeted, then realized the cloth was still clenched in his hand. Suddenly, with a bit of dread, he understood why Ed had left him with this job.

"Ran Fan, I have a message from Ling..."


Edward didn't get it. He just didn't get it.

Why did Ling not respond when he called? It was Greed. It was always Greed. But when Edward had been yelling earlier and mentioned Ran Fan, Ling had appeared. Even for a brief second, he had appeared, for her.

But not for Ed, the one who accompanied him in battle, who fed him, who allowed him to...

Ed ran his hand threw his hair frustration yanking small strings of gold out as he did so. His eyes began stinging, and he rubbed at them furiously. Stupid dust.

A message for the woman who waited for him, but what about the man?

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