September 11th, 2006


How long has it been?


I've been gone for what seems like ages, my computer has been done, and school has started and i'm swamped with work. (Schoo is dumb by the way.) Had to format my computer, my father lost my software which he insisted on keeping for good measure. Grrr... Life is crazy! D: 

But all that aside, I'm back, thats all that matters. I am kind of dissapointed in the lack of Ling/Ed though *Tear* and the bunnies are currently an extinct species in the land of Alchemistx, so if you have any you want to give me, i'll give a whack at it. (COULD REALLY USE IT) and until then, i'll just try to catch up with all the stuff I missed, and I'll try to get the Ling/Ed muses back. >.> 

Just so ya'll know. :F
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