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TITLE:  Stay Awhile
AUTHOR: alchemistx
BETA: sixteen_letters
PAIRING: LingxEdxLing
SUMMARY: “It seems I have a new guest at my house.”
WORDS: 5370


This Story Was Inspired By True Events: I'd like to thank my two (now three) cats for inspiring this. Zues, Tux, and Hoho-Papa. Hoho-Papa for coming to my house in the cold winter seeking warmth, Zues for putting up with him while curling up in a defensive 'Elric' ball when ever Hoho wandered near, and Tux for making our new comer feel welcomed by sharing whatever poor animal you caught with him.--


“Finally, I’m on my way home.” Christine sighed, closing her eyes and resting her head on the back of the uncomfortable airport chair. Her brother, John, smiled at her. “I’m sure your little critters miss you.”

At the mention of her "little critters" Christine perked up, and started digging through her black leather purse for something. “I hope they don’t think I abandoned them. This is the first time I’ve been away from Ling and Ed, and for two weeks," she said, and took out her cell phone, eyeing the piece of technology dangerously, as if debating whether she should make the call or not.

Christine was scientist, a zooligist. She was big into animals and how they lived, where they lived, and how they acted. She was currently being funded for a experiment to see how a Edward could live in Xing. Unfortunatly, the experiment is suppose to see how he survives in the wild, while her Edward was spoiled and stayed inside her big air conditioned home. Apparently his first day out in the hot Xingian summer hadn't gone so while.

The Emperor of Xing, had welcomed Chrinstine into his country as a important guest. He gave her the rare present of her own pet Ling. Now it was Christine's goal to see how the Ling and Edward interacted. She's been doing it for about 8 months, until Chritmas came around and the family urged her to come home for the holidays.

John gave his sister a disapproving look, as she already had the phone snapped open and the call was being made. “Isn’t someone taking care of them?” he asked.

“Yeah, Genbi, a nice Ling caretaker. Doesn’t know much about Elrics, though, but he’s nice and has a way with the animals,” Christine confided, running a hand through her bangs. Then there was silence between the siblings. John watched his sister tap the chair’s armrest restlessly, until someone on the other end picked up the phone and Christine’s annoyed features lightened up.

“Hello? Genbi?” There was a pause and she laughed, “Yes, yes, I’m about to hop on the plane. Just wanted to check in…” Another pause, and she nodded. “Yeah, seven hours seems like a long time. I just want to get there and…” Her voice trailed off and the smile got bigger and bigger on her lips are she talked to the Xingian caretaker. “Can I hear them?” she asked. The answer was apparently no, since she didn’t gasp and squirm in her seat like she usually did when one of her animals was put on the phone. But her smile didn’t fade until they were saying their goodbye.

“Well it's nice to know all is well,” she confided. “Yes, I need to go say goodbye to my brother and grab a bite of real food before the plane." She laughed again and said a quick goodbye as John gave her yet another look. But after the goodbye she didn’t hang up, something still kept her tied to the phone, and her expression suddenly changed to something very intense.

“What… Really!” She squeaked in surprise and John raised an eyebrow. She shot a wide-eyed look his way and then turned and looked back to the carpeted floor of the airport. “How are Ed and Ling taking it?” she asked and nodded as Genbi replied. “Do you think he’ll still be there when I get to Xing?” She turned around in her seat and said, “Okay, I’ll call you as soon as I land… Okay, bye.” Finally she hung up.

And John watched as she sighed and placed her cell back into her purse, just waiting for an explanation. “Huh…” she breathed, looking up at him. “It seems I have a new guest at my house.”

He wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh really?”

“Yeah. It seems a wild Ling found his way there, and won’t leave. Oh I wish I was there to see how Ling and Ed are interacting with him.” She sighed, “Man, how am I going to be able to sleep on the plane with news like this?”

John opened his arms, and Christine eyed him from her seat, then got up and into his embrace. They hugged and he nuzzled her hair. “Have a save trip back, sis.”

She laughed into his chest. “Yeah, yeah…”


As soon as she walked into her house, she felt an animal rubbing against her leg. The room was dark, though, and she stumbled to put her keys away before looking for the light switch.

The room was soon lit up, and the animal was still rubbing against her leg, purring. It was a Ling, fully grown by the look of his pelt and the length of his hair, and very friendly. She reached down carefully to pet his head, and as soon as her hand was in reach the Ling reached up and nuzzled her fingers, purring softly at the contact and then pressing his head into the palm of her hand, demanding to be petted. She abided to his demands for a while, petting him lovingly while soaking up this Ling’s characteristics.

He was bigger then her baby, and his hair was a lighter color. His pelt was normal for a Ling, and in good condition.

Christine ran her fingers through his bangs one last time before straightening up, and going in search of her own Ling, and Edward. The new Ling followed happily, with high hopes that should would turn around and pet him again.

The kitchen was first, as it was the favorite spot of both her animals. Ling liked digging through the fridge and Edward liked all the sun to be soaked up. It was the brightest and warmest room in the house, but to her dismay neither animal was there.

Christine turned on her heel, and almost bumped into the Ling as she made her way to her Ling and Ed's room. Their room was the master bedroom of the house, with a few adjustments. Lots of pillows, lots of windows, and lots of shelves that they usually draped themselves over lazily. But once again, Ling and Ed were nowhere to be seen.

Christine sighed once more, and turned to check the other remaining rooms. They weren't in the living room, they weren't in the guest room, and they weren't in the bathroom. Her room was the last one, and when she opened the door to her small (yet homey) room she found them, curled up on her bed in each other's arms, grooming each other.

At her entrance, her Ling looked up and smiled. Edward squirmed to turn around and see what Ling was looking at, and when he saw Christine he chirped happily. She gave them both a smile and walked in to sit on the edge of the bed.

Ed called out and Ling let go of him so he could curl into her lap. Once there, he draped himself over her legs and began to purr. "I missed you," his expression said, "pet me..." She ran her fingers through his beautiful mane and his purr increased tenfold. She grinned. "I've hardly petted you yet, you needy animal," she said with a laugh, and her other hand began to rub little circles on his back.

Ed loved back rubs, it was probably because he lived with a Ling, and it seemed Lings gave their mates wonderful back rubs as a sign of love.

Ling soon made his way to her and began to pry her hand away from Ed's hair and to his own. Christine moved it, and began to stroke his locks and scratch his head, while still rubbing Ed's back. The animals seemed to be in heavenly bliss, happy that she was back.

...until the adult Ling found them, and poked his head into the room.

He chirped, and Ed's head shot up. Christine noticed he gave the older animal a dirty glare, while her Ling only barked in response. The adult perked up and wordlessly walked in. Ed started growling as he got closer, backing out of Christine's lap and curling into a defensive Elric ball.

The adult Ling scooted her younger one aside and sat in between Christine and her Ling. He leaned toward Christine, asking for more petting, and Edward on her right let out a growl. Not because the Ling was asking to take his attention away, but because he seemed too close to Ed for comfort.

Christine sighed, her Ling didn't seem to mind the newcomer all that much. In fact he seemed quiet fascinated to have another Ling in the house,he was domestic andmuch friendlier to other Lings then a wild Ling would be.But Edward was clearly not happy about the Ling's presence, which didn't surprise Christine at all. He had reacted the same way when she brought her first Ling home. But now they were best friends, and as they were getting older and more into finding a mate, the were beginning to treat each other as such.

Maybe Edward felt this Ling was a threat to his Ling, or maybe he just didn't like the fact that it was older. Whatever it was, Christine thought she should break it up before she (literally) got in the middle of it.

The adult Ling reached out to touch Edward, who hissed loudly and angrily. Christine slapped the Ling's hand hard, while giving him a look. The Ling raised his eyebrows in defense, and she sighed. "How about I feed you guys?" she asked, standing up.

Edward cried out when she wasn't in between him and the Ling, and scrambled off the bed. Her Ling made a happy sound at the mention of feeding, and the other Ling sniffed. Her Ling started explaining what she was about to do, or so it seemed, as she and Edward left the room.

Christine did not miss the longing look her Edward seemed to give Ling as they left.


Fish, Christine had discovered, was a favorite among the Ling. Which wasn't much of a surprise, since they came from a country whose diet consisted of mostly fish and vegetables. This was unlike the Edward, which came from a country where meat was the common meal of life. But Christine liked fish, and Edward didn't hate it, so she reached into the fridge and took out a little box of sushi.

Ling watched in adoration as she carried the packet to the table where they all sat. The adult one looked puzzled, and Edward was busy watching him warily.

Christine pulled out one piece and gave it to Ling, who promptly gobbled it in one bite. She reached in and gave one to Edward, and then one for the older Ling. She took one out for herself to eat, but found herself watching Edward inspect his bit while her Ling poked him. Edward looked at him, and Ling made a pathetic face and let out a little whine. Ed snorted and turned back to his sushi piece, lifting it to his lips in a slow dramatic show while Ling "suffered" quietly. He reached out in a attempt to snatch the piece away before Ed could devour it, but Ed took a large bite out of the fish and then made a show of chewing it, making delighted sounds and licking his lips. Ling groaned in dismay, and Christine found herself chuckling at her animals' antics.

She then looked at the other Ling, who was looking at his piece of sushi sadly. She was about to open her mouth to ask why, but he then looked at her Ling and tapped him on the shoulder. Her Ling looked back at him, and to Christine's amazement she watched the adult offer up his piece of sushi.

Christine held her breath as her Ling squealed and snatched the piece happily, shoving it into his mouth.The adult smiled and said something to her baby, who piped back a happy reply.

Christine opened the packet again and got out another piece of sushi, and gave it to the adult Ling. He "thanked" her and took a hungry bite out of it. Her Ling watched as he ate, then they chattered for a moment. Probably discussing how it tasted. Christine smiled to herself, and turned to where Edward sat.

Edward didn't look happy at all. He sat quietly, watching the two Lings converse, while the rest of his sushi was in hand.

Christine felt her heart sink.

I guess the sushi lost its delicious taste.


After he finished the fish that Christine had given him, Ling licked his fingertips and went off in search of his playmate.

“Edward! Edward!” he called through out the house and poked his nose into their enclosure. His eyes instantly found the awkward lump that lie amongst their pillows, and he grinned. “There you are!”

The lump stiffened and sniffled. Ling frowned as he came up to the Elric. “Edward?” he asked, and watched as the blond-maned animal lifted his arm to wipe some dirt off his face.

“What?” the animal growled. His eyes were a little red, which confused Ling a bit. How did Edward get 'dirt' in his eyes, and why had that growl been so angry?

Ling gulped. Be brave... This is your playmate, he reminded himself. “You seem sad. Was your fish bad? Are you sick?” Without waiting for a reply, Ling leaned forward and sniffed his playmate’s bright pelt. “You don’t smell sick,” he said.

Edward hissed and bolted up, aiming a swipe at Ling’s face. Ling let out a surprised shriek, and fell back on his butt. Ed snorted at his fallen form and went to curl back and become one of the pillows.

Ling huffed. “What was that for?”

Edward gave him a dirty glare in response then turned around to lay in his pillow bed, returning to just ignoring Ling.

“Are you tired?” Ling asked, “You usually get grumpy and hit me for no reason when you're tired,” he reasoned and waited for a response.

Ed didn’t answer.

“It's fine if you are, perfectly understandable. We’ve had an exciting day with the human coming back. I’m quite tired myself.”

Ed felt the pillows behind himself being pushed aside, then heard them crush under Ling’s overpowering weight. He took a deep breath, to try to continue ignoring his playmate, but then two arms wrapped around his stomach and gave it a gentle squeeze. “What are you doing?” Ed hissed.

Ling licked the back of his neck and grinned. “Sleeping with you?” he chirped, and then his hands started moving in little circles along Ed’s stomach. Edward’s growls of irritation slowly turned to purrs of delight. Ling grinned. “You shouldn’t go to sleep angry," he reasoned again.

“Bastard…” Ed sighed, but his leaned into Ling’s chest more as the light circles became much adored rubs. Tummy rubs. His purrs came louder, and he leaned his head back, giving Ling enough room to lay his own head in the crook of his neck.

With the warm feelings of Ling’s tummy rubs, and the black animal's own purring humming behind, the Elric couldn’t help but fall into a deep doze.

When he woke up, their enclosure was dark but Edward was warm. Ling had curled himself around Ed, arms folded neatly and tucked into Edward’s chest. Both of them… But then what was that third arm doing draped over Ed’s shoulder?

It took a moment for the Elric to realize there was something wrong, and from there his instincts took over. He shot up into a sitting position and his eyes looked his playmate up and down.

After a thorough inspection, Ed had deciphered that no, his playmate had not grown an extra arm , but yes, (To his dismay) they had gained an extra bedmate.

The adult Ling had wrapped himself around the younger animal in an imitation of how Ling and Ed had benn sprawled.

All the anger that Ling had earlier worked out of Ed with his magic fingers suddenly returned, and Edward didn’t have time to control it before his foot reacted, and shot out, planting a spot in Ling’s unprotected gut.

Ling yelped, startled, jumping back and awakening his other bedmate while doing so. The older Ling smacked his lips lazily for a moment before he noticed his look-alike was in pain. “Hey, what's wrong? Are you alright?” he asked, concern heavy on every word.

And Edward hated it.

Ling took a couple deep breaths, hissing and whining before he looked up at Edward, confused. “Edward, what was that for?” he asked, voice stern, and Edward could hear a bit of anger in it.

Ed took a step back, a frown firmly placed on his face. “You...You...” he growled and snatched a pillow from their bed. “I refuse to sleep in the same room as him!” he announced before storming out of the room.

“Don’t worry...” he heard the older Ling say behind him. “Come here, let me groom you, you’ll feel better then.”

Edward suddenly felt ill.


Something woke her, and Christine blinked around the heavy fog of sleep. Tilting her head lazily to look at the glowing light that was her alarm clock, it seemed there was a background sound. A small choking sound.

"Two-thirty," she thought tiredly, licking her chapped lips as the hue of sleep slowly started to fade. And it was then that she noticed the light weight on her bed, and the choking sound didn’t seem so far away. She sat up a little more, and saw her Edward sitting at the edge of her bed. The covers were fisted in his little hands, and tears were running down his cheeks.

“Edward?” her voice was hoarse from sleep, and Ed jumped up startled for a moment, before he looked at her and then made a low whining sound. He choked on a large sobbing sound again and buried his face in the covers.

“Baby, what's the matter?” Christine cooed. “Why aren’t you sleeping with Ling? Did you and him have a fight? Oh... There, there.” She placed her hands under his armpits and lifted him up to sit in her lap.

She cooed to him for a couple minutes, while dabbing at his red, tear-stained face with the covers of her bed. Ed would nod to questions she asked, and slowly they fell into a slow rock, Christine still cooing, and rubbing circles on his back. Ed began to hiccup, and she smiled against the blond hair she had been nosing gently. “You wanna sleep with me baby?” she asked.

Ed nodded, and started squirming to get out of her grasp. Christine wordless let him go, wondering if he really was going to sleep with her, or if he was well enough to go confront Ling.

But all Edward did was pick up the pillow he had dragged all the way from his enclosure, and went to curl up at the foot of her bed.

She smiled, glad that Ed was well enough to draw the line at not being babied too much, and went under the covers, to drift back into the world of sleep.

Her foot found Ed’s lump of a body, and she nudged him lightly and playfully. He let out a groan that said, "I’m too tired for any more attention," and she let him be, returning to the task of falling asleep herself.


“I don’t know what to do,” Christine admitted, hanging her head in shame. “Ling is spending more and more time with the adult Ling, and Ed has been miserable. He refuses to even be in the same room with them sometimes, and is insisting on sleeping in my room.”

Genbi gave his friend a sympathetic look, and gave the same look to the Edward she was cradling on her lap. Ed didn’t notice, he was too busy peeling away the shell on one of the peanuts Christine had given him to snack upon.

“You shouldn’t be surprised,” he told her, “Ling and Edward are both getting old enough to mate, and now that Ling has an option between one of his own species or an Elric, he’s probably going to choose the other Ling.”

Christine sighed, “I know, but poor Ed. He’s just so sad, and I don’t know what to do. Giving Ling away would probably be best, but I don’t think I could do it.”

“What if you gave him to me?” Genbi asked, taking a long sip of the Xingian tea that was set before him, "That way you could visist him."

“No, that wouldn’t work either. Ed would end up just as lonely,” Christine said.

“Why don’t you get him an Alphonse, or something?”

Christine snorted, “Like I have the money… I barely had enough funding to bring Ed here. Besides then i'd have even more animals to take care of."

There was the sudden click of a door opening, and all three of them looked over to see that both of the Lings had entered. One Ling grinned and waved. Ed perked up a little and gave a small yip. The Lings started to come over, one leading the other by the hand. It was cute in a way. Then Christine noticed something, both of the Lings' long hair, usually pulled into a ponytail, was in a braid.

Genbi noticed this too and sucked in a deep breath. “Oh no…”

“Oh no?” Christine looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

Ling said something to Ed and then pulled out his braid, proudly showing it off to Edward, who meekly touched it. Ling started chattering and ran his fingers over Ed’s own braid. The older Ling quietly sat aside, a proud grin on his own face.

“Christine,” Genbi answered voice low in a whisper, “Lings usually braid each other's hair when they are courting."

Christine’s own eyes widened. “Oh no…” she breathed.

Ling must have told Edward the same thing, or something similar, because Edward suddenly grabbed the braid harshly and yanked. Ling yelped, and pawed desperately at Edward’s hand for release. Edward was to busy giving Ling an angry speech in Elric however, and didn’t seem concerned that he might rip out Ling’s elegant black hair.

“Ed, NO!” Christine gasped, and began to aid Ling in prying Ed’s fingers out of his hair.

The older Ling seemed concerned, and took a step forward to see if he should help as well. Genbi stood and held up his hands. “Whoa, big guy, stay where you are," he said.

The Ling whined, but did as he was told, watching eagerly to see what was happening to the younger Ling.

Finally, Christine got Ed to let go. She pulled back, careful to keep the Elric out of reach of Ling. “Ling!” she commanded, “Go away, shoo…”

Ling gave her a confused look. The adult Ling took a step forward, and Genbi let him pass. He walked up to the other, and gently touched his arm. The pair turned to leave, and when the door clicked in their exit, Christine lightened her grip on Edward.

She watched Ed huff, and kick the ground angrily, mumbling things to himself. Christine sighed and ran her fingers through her bangs.

“Maybe…” she started. “Maybe it would be best if I got rid of Ling.”


Ed poked his head into his old enclosure. He was a little amazed to see everything in order. The pillows were a little ruffled, and thrown about, but that was to be expected. He sniffed the air, and his nostrils were assaulted by the familiar scent of his Ling... And the other Ling. He growled a little, and held his breath as he opened to the door to walk in.

There were no Ling’s in the room at the moment. Ed was currently bored, needing a book. His golden eyes instantly spotted one hiding under a tossed pillow, and he quickly scrambled over to it, and tucked it close to his chest.

Time to leave.

He didn’t want to be in the room any longer, and he needed fresh air.

Ed turned on heel... And froze.

His playmate was leaning against the door frame, an amused smile on his face. “So you’ve decided to come back,” he purred.

Ed whipped his head around, looking for another way to escape. But he knew the room, and knew that door was the only out. He glared at Ling and took a deep breath. No point in holding it any longer. The distasteful smell came to him once again.

Ed grimaced. “I needed a book!”

“Why not stay?” Ling asked. “Lay on the pillows, get comfortable and read here like you used to.”

“I don’t wanna,” the Elric stated. “It smells bad in here. Besides, the human is waiting on the couch for me. I'd rather have her pet and groom me while I read.” He charged forward, hoping to intimidate Ling into moving. But the Ling was much taller than him, and not easily intimidated. Ling easily got in his way, and stopped the charge.

“Don’t you want me to groom you?” he asked, face changed in confusion.

Ed gulped. “No. Why would I? And why would you? You have that... Other one, to groom.”

“Is he why you’ve been ignoring me?” Ling asked uncertainly.

Ed’s golden eyes locked on the Ling angrily. “NO!” Ed exclaimed, sarcasm and insult dripping from the word. “You’ve only ignored me for him ever since the human came home, and you’ve only chosen him over me in everything and anything! He’s only your mate, and I refuse to continue to be your playmate, when I obviously can never be more! You can’t have more than one mate! ”

Ling’s brow creased. “That’s not true. You’ve chosen Christine over me ever since we’ve come home, and Edward... He’s not my mate.”

“Bullshit he’s not!” Ed snapped. “You only snuggle like mates, and groom like mates, and look like mates!”

“You and I did that as well... Way before he came along. So technically, by your understanding, you and I were mates way before he and I.” Ling grinned. “You really should be more protective of your mate. You gave up way too easily, Edward...”

“But...But...” Ed stuttered, his tight grip on his book loosening as he stood there baffled. “Don’t you choose him over me! One of your own kind over... Me! Hell, I can’t give you kittens! W-Why?”

Ling looked like he was pondering for a moment. “Mmm, true. You and I can’t have kittens, which is a shame. Oh, and that other Ling really is very handsome,” he mused. “I think we can come to compromise. But until then...” He leaned down so his nose was mere inches from Ed's. “I would like to give my playmate a nice grooming.” He dipped to nuzzle Ed’s neck line, and the kitten lost it. His book fell from numb hands.

“L-Ling...” Ed groaned, “Oh--I’ve missed you grooming me.”

Ling grinned against the pale little neck. “Then let us lay down to do this properly, I think you will be pleased to see the new tricks that older Ling taught me.” Ling bent down and picked up Edward, with a small huff of breath.

He took two steps forward, and then dropped the Edward onto the soft bed of pillows. Edward was staring at him, an unhappy look on his face. “No, don’t do anything that bastard taught you,” he growled.

Ling looked put off. “Oh, but, Ed I’m sure you’ll like it,” he said, and bent down to get in a comfortable position next to Edward.

His hands were already working before he lie down himself, gently stroking up and down Edward’s stomach and bringing the kitten’s pelt up along with his fingers. He was soon stroking Ed’s bare stomach, his fingers circling around the Elric’s navel.

Edward was purring loudly under the touch. Ling smiled. “Turn over...” he purred seductively.

Ed worked his throat to say something, but instead began to turn on his side. His back to the Ling.

Soon the Ling’s skilled fingers were stroking up his spine. It was a light touch, but enough to make Edward shiver with anticipation. “Ling--," the animal purred.

Ling took the cue and began to lick the back of Ed’s neck.

It was a combination of grooming and pre-mating, something the young Edward had never felt before, and it drove him wild with desire.

His bucked a little, and made a low whine, “Ling that feels... Really good...” Suddenly the licks and the fingers were gone, and he let out a louder whine, “Ling!”

Ling sat up behind him, and Ed wondered what had happened. Did he do something wrong? He tried to get up to ask Ling, but found his body feeling numb and fuzzy, and himself too lazy.

A low chuckle came from the doorway. “So you two made up?”

It was the adult Ling.

Ed stiffened. He suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable, and he didn’t like it one bit. Clumsily, he scrambled to sit up.

“Go away,” Ling growled beside him. “We’re grooming, and he doesn’t want you here.”

“You're doing it all wrong!” The older Ling sighed. “Let me just stay and help. I think I like watching you groom.”

Ling frowned, but didn’t bare his teeth. “No. He doesn’t want you here!”

“But do you want me here?” the elder purred, and began to move towards them.

To Ed’s horror, his Ling hesitated. “H-He doesn’t want you to be here when we groom,” he repeated.

The other Ling snorted, “I know, I heard.” But he didn’t stop until he was in front of the two younger animals.

He bent down, and Ed instantly curled up a little and began to hiss and growl. He looked at the kitten amused, then to the younger Ling. “Don’t you wanna groom him, just like I groomed you?”

Ling grinned. “I do!”

Ed glared at him, then to the older Ling and let out a squeaky snarl. One of his paws swiped out with the intention of getting the Ling’s face. But the older Ling was fast, and much better at fighting than he was, and easily caught the paw.

Ed howled and tried again with the other paw. The Ling caught that one as well, until he held the struggling Elric kitten by the paws.

Then as quickly as he had caught either hand, the older Ling flexed his muscles and brought the kittens hands down to the ground, pinning him there.

A pillow was shoved into Ed’s face, and his arms held (A little painfully) above his head. He heard his Ling above him say, “Don’t hurt him.” He let out a growl.

“See, he’s not hurt. I've decided I like Edwards,” he heard the other Ling chirp. “They're very spirited.” Ed kicked out his legs in response, and then the other Ling said, “Hold those down, unless you wanna get hurt.”

Something heavy was placed on Ed’s legs, and he couldn’t move them that well.

He whined, not liking how exposed he was, and wiggled the parts of his body that he could, helplessly.

“Ah, see that! See that!” the other Ling exclaimed.

“I did!” his Ling breathed in awe, “Why did he do that?”

“He’s ready for you to continue grooming, he is ready,” the other Ling announced, “Okay, now I want you to do what you were doing with you fingers... Only this time use your tongue."

There was silence above him for a moment, and Ed began to panic as if they had left him there in that horrid position to go groom each other, when something wet suddenly made contact with his back. Ed yelped in surprise and then withered.

The wetness led a trail from the small of his back, up to his neck, where it groomed him a few times, before traveling back down. He realized that the wetness was Ling’s tongue, and he made a noise of confusion. Why was his playmate petting him with his tongue?

This was new, but this felt good.

Steady hands were placed on his hips, as he felt the tongue go lower and then groom a few times at the base line of his pants. Ed suddenly started purring.

“Okay, now lower his bottom pelt until you can see his mating hole, groom that spot. He’ll really like that.”

Ed felt a jerk on his bottom pelt, and he squeaked into the pillow, as his bottom was now exposed to the cool room air.

And then, Ling’s tongue was there, too, picking up where the wet trail left off, and going all the way down between his bottom’s cheeks. It found a certain spot that made Ed’s entire body shake when the tongue poked and probed.

“I found it!” Ling declared, before going back to his grooming.

“How does that feel, kit?” the older Ling purred above him.

Ed began to whimper. Good... It felt amazingly good.

He whined and purred at the same time, bucked and tried to kick out whenever he felt threatened that the wetness would be taken away.

His Ling thought this funny, and would purposely pull back until Ed howled and whined in displeasure.

“He really likes it,” his Ling said happily.

“Yes, he does,” the other agreed. “Okay, finish up, I want to groom you now.”

“Okay!” Ling chirped, and brought the tongue up between his cheeks again, and slowly made an up and down motion with his it.

Ed felt heat disappear, and his body stopped shaking. He purred contently as his playmate licked his mussed hair lovingly. His arms were released, and his Ling slowly moved him so that he lie against a bare chest.

“That was...” he paused, no words could describe how that felt. “The best...” He sighed and nuzzled one of Ling’s pecks.

“I agree, I’ve missed grooming you,” his Ling sighed and rested his head on Ed’s.

“And I enjoyed watching you groom him. We should do that again,” the other Ling chirped from somewhere behind his Ling, who laughed happily.

Ed didn’t laugh, but he didn’t growl or make a snooty comment. He just sighed, and listened to his playmate purr while someone gently tugged his mane out of a small ponytail, and began to braid it.


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  • Woah! I Wrote!

    Title: Excepting You Warning: Not Beta’d- in fact, so not beta’d it hurts! D: Pairing: Ling/Ed Summary:...He was surprised to find…


    I FINALLY PUT ONE TOGETHER!!! :D The List Of Everything I've Written Thus Far Is... ARCS AND MULTIPATERS: NINE LIVES: Strange things…

  • A Fic for a Ling/Ed Challenge

    Wow, The second one is done Already! BEWARE TEH ANGST!!!!!!! Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist Title: A Desperate Kind of Love Author/Artist:…

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  • Woah! I Wrote!

    Title: Excepting You Warning: Not Beta’d- in fact, so not beta’d it hurts! D: Pairing: Ling/Ed Summary:...He was surprised to find…


    I FINALLY PUT ONE TOGETHER!!! :D The List Of Everything I've Written Thus Far Is... ARCS AND MULTIPATERS: NINE LIVES: Strange things…

  • A Fic for a Ling/Ed Challenge

    Wow, The second one is done Already! BEWARE TEH ANGST!!!!!!! Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist Title: A Desperate Kind of Love Author/Artist:…