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Kink (Fic)

Say It
By: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Rating: R (Not Worksafe)
Summary: "You know I'm not going to say it that easily," Ed shot back.
100 slash theme: #72 Kink
Authors Note and Dedications: Smuty Smut Smut! I need to work on writing Smut! But anyway, here is another! WOW! I've been busier then a Bee =D


The dungeons in the palace were cold and not very well kept. Water dripped from an unknown spot and the only light came from two torches. One of which was way down the hall, so that its light was only a faint glimmer, and one only two cells away from the one where Edward Elric lie.

He was chained up by his remaining arm, his automail one removed and placed somewhere unbeknownst to him. The same fate had met his automail leg, while his remaining leg was laid numbly in front of him. His body was cold, and ached to feel the soft silk of Xing's clothing, but he wouldn't be feeling it any time soon.

He cursed the reason that had brought him to this, as simple and foolish as it was.

His cell creaked open, and he lifted his heavy head to see who it was. The darkness hid the person's true identity, aside from the shape of his figure. Ed didn't need to see the person clearly to know who it was. "Ling?" his voice croaked hoarsely and he closed his eyes, ashamed at the sound.

I guess not using your voice for four hours does that to you... he thought. The person stepped forward, and he tried again, "Ling, don't you come one step closer." This time it came out as more of a warning, and he was quite proud of the bit of threat that came with it.

The figure froze, but a low chuckle shook his belly. "Giving me orders, Edward?" he asked, then squatted down, close to where Ed's numb foot lie. "You know, here in Xing that can get you three hours of torture. Not that you aren't already in the hole. You know... I should slice off your tongue." He grinned.

Ed growled, "Fuck Xing and its stupid laws!"

Ling's hands quickly lashed out and grabbed Ed's cheeks, squeezing them together painfully. Ed resisted the urge to close his eyes, and willed all that was happening away. "There are worse things I could do then cut off your tongue," he said coldly.

Ed couldn't bring himself to glare, and then the Prince's mouth was locked onto his. The hand on his cheeks were gone, giving Ling room to press his tongue to the corners of Ed's mouth. Ed's teeth sank low dangerously, giving Ling's tongue a few light bites. Nothing that would disturb the Prince's pleasure, however.

He would never do that!

Ling pulled back, breathing lightly while he and Ed stared at each other.

"You know what I want here..." he announced.

"You know I'm not going to say it that easily," Ed shot back.

Ling smiled--not a usual smile, an evil smile--and said, "Very well, I've always liked a challenge." And then he fished in his vest pocket for a moment before bringing out a small bottle. "Turn around, Edward," he commanded.

Ed laughed. "Make me..." he countered.

Ling sighed. Even chained up Edward could be a little hellcat. What would it take to break him?

He quickly grabbed Ed's leg, and the blond's opposite hip, and for a second, Edward Elric was in the air! But then, his chest slammed against the cold concrete floor and his arm had been forced to twist painfully. He hissed and bit his lip, as a ruffling of clothes was heard behind him.

Knowing full well what was coming next, Ed gritted his teeth, and prepared to shove his body back into the proper position. He gave himself a mental count. 1... 2... 3...

Already on the count of 2, Ling had him pinned. He let out a breathless curse, as he felt something hard and familiar being pressed against his butt. "Will you say it now, Edward?" Ling's husky breathe came next to his ear, "Or do I have to fuck it out of you..."

Ed closed his eyes, forced a bit of saliva to be gulped, then answered, "You know the answer to that..."

"I do..." Ling smiled , and Ed felt his dry cock being rubbed threateningly against his ass. Ed gasped and closed his eyes, surprised to feel that Ling hadn't supplied any lube yet. He wouldn't... He wouldn't take him dry... That would be real torture!

"Ling!" he shrieked when his cock wasn't removed, instead lingered closer to his unprepared hole.

Ling laughed, and pulled back. "Do not worry, Ed. I won't take you... Yet. There's still more to your torture." Ling rubbed his cheek against Ed's back like a kitten, lowering his body so his still hard cock was placed away for the moment, no longer a big threat.

Ed let out a sigh of relief, and Ling found a smile crossing his lips. There was no need to be relieved.

Ling's hand suddenly come to Ed's penis, and reached past it to fondle with the boy's balls, using his long, polished nails on tender flesh. Ed hissed and wiggled under him, before realizing the mix of pleasure and sting that came with it.

He bit his tongue, as second by second he became harder.

"Mmmm, if you would have told me you liked it rough sooner, Ed..." Ling purred behind him.

Ed opened his mouth to retort, but instead found himself gasping for air as Ling unexpectedly, and rather roughly, squeezed his balls. His whole body shook.

Pre-come was beginning to well up at the head of Ed's cock. One of Ling's hands thumbed it softly, to catch a little on a finger without quite making the body under him come entirely. Ed groaned, and Ling smirked.

Smirked, while he smeared the bit of come clumsily around Ed's face, just to get the blonde mad, and then he gingerly slipped the digit into Ed's mouth. A gentle squeeze of Ed's left ball, and the boy began to suck.

Ling let out a groan himself, feeling Ed play with the pressure he applied to the finger.His shaft came up with pre-come of its own, and it started to ache. He wiggled his hips against the back of Ed's, the blonde moaned into the finger, and Ling added another into his hot mouth, imagining it was Edward's tight hole instead.

Bad idea...

He almost came. The sensation made him shake, but he quickly changed a state of mind to something unpleasant, and his body just couldn't find its release.

It was a miracle.

Finally, he decided that he had tortured himself enough, and he pulled his fingers away. Ed whimpered, and Ling didn't know if his little consort was actually getting into what was happening, or maybe just happy he didn't have the disgusting after-taste of semen in his mouth anymore.

Ed hadn't that taste.

He pulled his body away, and saw Ed shake, now cold. "Edward, anything you want to say now?" he sang as he reached for the little bottle of lube, and messily slapped some on his hands, then applied some to his penis.

Edward, being as obedient as always, hissed at him, "You fucking know..."

Ling sighed, then clapped his hands together. "Then I shall make you scream it..."

He roughly grabbed Ed's hips, digging his nails into them as he lifted the boy's butt presentably in the air. He could feel Edward still fighting him, trying to wiggle free. Or maybe he was wiggling his little hips in excitement. Oh, that thought made Ling 'excited' as well.

And without a second thought, he thrust in between Ed's ass cheeks, found the hole, and made a grand entrance with a very princely whoop of jubilee. Ed cried out under him as well, and Ling grabbed his hips harder, beginning to rock a little.

He made the movements small, so Ed could adjust.

The whole time, fire consumed them both.

Then he asked again, but this time it was more of a command. "Say it!" the prince breathed.

Ed didn't answer immediately, as he was trying to compose himself. Then a pained 'no' escaped his lips.

Well 'no' was a little better than his previous answers, Ling mused as he pulled back. He felt himself almost leave Ed, before using all the force he could muster to slam into the smaller man, filling him completely.

Ed cried out, really cried out. He arched his back up, then down, as his body tried to get used to what was happening.

Well, Ling wouldn't give it the time to do that. He pulled back again. "How about now?" he hissed, not giving Ed the time to answer before slamming back into him, hard.

Edward broke into sobs under him, "I...I..."

"Yes?" Ling hissed, as Ed's muscles clenched around him, then unclenched.

Ed choked. "Oh god... LING!" he tried to scream. It cracked, and the rhythm at which Ling was rocking picked up quickly.

"Wrong answer!" the prince stated, before another hard slam.

"LING!" Ed cried out, shaking his head from side to side, as he looked for any exposed flesh of his lover that he might be able to kiss with his chapped lips. His breathing irregular and heavy.

Ling didn't let the hard pace fall, but he kept it up, and Ed struggled to keep with it. The alchemist's body tripped a little and Ling was forced to keep his grip, readjust Ed, and keep the pace up at the same time.

All the time, Ed was struggling to speak. "ARGH! Ling..." he gasped, rolling his head back a little. "Oh god... I...I...LOVE THIS! FUCK! LOVE YOU!"

He'd said it...

And as soon as he said it, Ling came, and both collapsed in a hot mess.


Ling used his clothes to cover himself and his lover, as he recovered from the earlier events. "Did I hurt you?" he asked, absentmindedly playing with Ed's hair... He loved Ed's hair.

Ed sighed, and rested his head on Ling's shoulder. "No... Not really. Unless you count how fucking sore I am," he cursed.

Ling laughed; Ed was recovering just fine. "I don't..." he answered, and kissed his lover's forehead lovingly.

Ed snorted. "You're so weird..." he told the Prince, "You and your freaking kinks. I decide what we do next time!"

"Whatever you want," Lin answered wistfully.

They sat there for a few seconds, and slowly the growl deep in Ed's throat got louder. "I mean, fuck, why did we have todo it in the dungeon? What sick joy do you get out of that?" Ling didn't answer, just smiled, and wrapped his arm around Ed's shivering form. Ed suddenly asked, "When do you think someone will come down here to let us out?"

Ling let out a long sigh, and didn't answer once again. Ed sighed next to him.


Tags: 100 slash challenge, fic, ling/ed

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