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Snow (Fic)

The Virgin Snow
Author: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Remember this, Edward, 'virgin snow will eventually lose its virginity.'
100 Slash Theme: #42 Snow
Author's Notes and Dedication: Ugh, got dumped with a bunch of snow. And I really do hate messing up the beautiful white stuff, so this story is dedicated to all the snow I have destoryed and / or tainted with my dirty dirty boots. Oh It's also dedicated to all the readers out there, who have or want snow! :)

"Its cold," Ed murmured, burying his face in his pillow and kicking his exposed leg back under the covers.

Ling looked over his shoulder and chuckled. "Yes, it tends to get like that during winter," he replied, then went back to the small task of pulling his winter shoes on.

Ed didn't move, but his muffled voice came out in a long, agonizing groan, "I hate the cold!"

"I can imagine," Ling answered, finished with covering his feet. He turned back to the lump under the covers. "With that metal arm of yours... And the fact that you are still naked in bed." A wide grin played across his lips, and Ed groaned again.

"Shut up, you bastard..."

Ling faked a pout, and playfully tugged the blankets off of Ed's body, exposing the blond's muscular upper half. Ed curled into a tight ball in a desperate attempt to stay warm, while his metal arm whacked around, clumsily, looking for the blanket. Ling held it out of reach. "I was hoping you'd come and frolic in the snow with me."

Ed shot up in bed, and gave Ling a look of disbelief and childish wonder. "It snowed?" he asked.

Ling nodded excitedly. "Yes, and a fair amount," he announced.

Edward grabbed the blanket and brought it up to his cold skin while he looked around the room. "Where's my coat?" he asked.


The snow was pure white, and untouched... At least the courtyard snow was.

The sun's light reflected off the white material, making everything around them brighter. Ed blinked, and covered his eyes for a second while they adjusted. He was still unthinkably tired, but, luckily, one didn't really need to think when snow was placed out in front of them.

He lowered his hand from his eyes and got his first good like at all the snow. It seemed to go on forever, it looked so beautiful. He felt bad that he would ruin all of its beauty... And get cold in the process.

Just then, Ling pushed him out from under the cover supplied by the palace, and Ed's foot crunched in the snow. The soft white flakes went up almost past his snow boot, and Ed gasped.

"Wow, it's much deeper than I thought," Ling chuckled, "But then again, Edward, you are rather small. What goes up to the knees on you would be about--" Suddenly a snow ball was thrown at him, and smacked him right on the mouth.

Ling's eyes widened and he sputtered out the snow. Ran Fan, who had been at the entrance of the palace, took a step forward to assist, but he held up a hand. "Good aim, Edward..." he said.

Ed glared, and walked deeper into the snow. "Shut-up, you bastard, and let's go," he demanded, "unless you want another snowball in the face."

Ling laughed lightly and shook his head. "No, no, that will not be necessary, I am coming!" he said as he stepped into the snow, and Ed started off to the center of the courtyard.

His foot sank into it, but not as much as Ed's had.

"Edward, aren't you cold yet?" Ling asked, as he watched Edward tap the frozen water that was trapped in a large fountain.

Ed turned to look at him, face flushed from the cold, and nose a little red. "A little," he admitted,

Ling sighed, and pointed at a snow covered bench. "Let's sit down!" he offered, moving to the bench quickly. Ed jogged up to his side, and grabbed the sleeve of Ling's fur coat, stopping the Prince before he could wipe the virgin snow off the bench that wore it like a prized hat.

Ling gave the alchemist a puzzled look. "What?" he asked.

Ed didn't meet his eyes. "I... Don't know... No, it's... It's dumb." Ed laughed weakly.

Ling gave him a fond smile. "Nothing that you say is dumb, my wife," he declared.

Ed glared at him. "I've told you before, don't say that! I'm not your damn... Wife!" he exclaimed, then looked away from Ling and down at the bench.

"Look, I just... Want to keep a little bit of the snow untouched okay!" he sighed, then tugged on Ling's sleeve needily, "If you want to sit down, we'll sit on the fountain, but that snow looks nice there, and I don't want to ruin it!"

Ling took a step in the direction Ed was pulling, and watched the short man relax. Then, using his speed, and trained stealth, he quickly lifted Edward up and, in one motion, slammed him down on the bench.

The pillow of snow crunched under Ed, and protected him from cracking his head against the smooth marble. The snow shaped instantly against Ed's form, and for a second the blonde saw stars.

"Ling?" he gasped, trying to figure out what had happened.

The Prince leaned over him, pinning the smaller body to the bench. He gave Edward a familiar grin. That of the cat who had caught the canary, and then nuzzled his cold face against Ed's warm neck. Edward shivered.

"Ah, Edward," he sighed, "winter will last a while, more snow will come. Don't get attached to such fickle things." Ling leaned back, and saw Ed was glaring at him. He laughed and pecked the alchemist on the lips.

"Remember this, Edward, 'virgin snow will eventually lose its virginity.'" His eyebrows wiggled dangerously at his prey. "You, of all people, should know this."

And with that, Prince Ling reaped the snow of its virginity!


Tags: 100 slash challenge, fic, ling/ed

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