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Death (Fic)

By: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "Kindly tell me why my wife was in your arms," Ling asked... Or, demanded.
100 Slash Theme:
#22 Death
Dedication/Authors Notes: For 100 Slash challenge, I tried to do something new with the theme of death... Gosh I'm so mean to this pairing! (Goes off to Angst)


“How is Xing treating you?”

Ed huffed, and ignored the man walking next to him.

This was why he didn’t want Mustang walking him to his and Ling’s chambers. He asked too many damn questions and Ed was not in the mood to play one of Fuhrer Mustang’s mind games.

“Fine…” he snapped, glaring straight ahead. “Ling’s a lazy bastard, as always. I get a lot of work done, since I’m always locked in the freakin’ rooms, and it's cold… You know how I get when it's cold.”

Roy hmmed in agreement. “You get cranky,” he stated with a smug smile.

“More like pissed off,” Ed added in his two cents.

They walked in silence for a few minutes, as Ed mused about how long the walk to his chambers seemed to have gotten. He let out a long and wistful sigh.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I came to Xing?” Roy asked, bringing Ed out of his thoughts.

Ed jumped, but let out chuckle. “No need,” he said, “you’re the Fuhrer, after all. And Xing is choosing a new Emperor. Either you’re here to get buddy-buddy with the new Emperor or to cheer Ling on… And I seriously doubt it’s the second.”

Roy smirked. “I see you haven’t lost your sense of humor, Fullmetal," he said, and Ed turned his head and flashed him a toothy grin. “But the answer is neither…”

Ed stopped, and Roy turned around to ask why, when the young blond placed his hand on a huge door’s knob. The door lead to his and Ling’s chambers. “This is where I say goodbye, Fuhrer.”

Roy nodded. “I hope to see you soon, Edward, and I hope the best for Ling.”

Ed nodded, as well. “Yeah, so do I.” He opened the door and moved to step in, when suddenly big arms were wrapped around him, bringing him close to Roy’s chest.

Ed froze, and felt his breath catch in his throat when Roy’s hot breath was against his ear, “Watch out, Edward, there are people around here that aren’t really trustworthy…”

Ed’s body began to shake, and he buried his head in Roy’s blue uniform, embarrassed. “Roy…” he warned, but it was muffled by the man’s uniform, and sounded more like a moan.

His face heated up, and he buried his face deeper.

Roy didn’t let go, and Ed felt his face continue to heat. “Roy,” he tried again, a little more sternly. His arm came up, and grabbed one of Roy’s. A gentle tug, and Roy’s arms began to slack.

Ed sighed in relief, feeling awkward. Then he heard Ling’s confused voice.


Ed literally jumped out of Roy’s arms. He gulped, and looked at the floor, feeling stupid for being caught hugging someone, while Roy put on a smile. “Hello, Prince Ling,” he greeted.

“Fuhrer Mustang,” Ling acknowledged, his voice was cold and… Angry. Ed’s gut twisted and his mind went into panic mode.

Ling hardly ever used that voice, unless it concerned something important. Like Ed.

"Kindly tell me why my wife was in your arms," Ling asked... Or, demanded.

Ed felt something well up in his throat and he made an effort to gulp it down. Oh no... Oh nononono.. No, he didn't think...

"Ling..." he started, when the small, nosey advisor by Ling's side snickered.

"Caught in the arms of another? That is what we call adultery," he laughed.

Roy's hand rested reassuringly on Ed's shoulder. "We have done nothing that could be categorized as adultery," he stated smoothly, "Ed, here, was feeling a little under the weather you see, and I was..."

The snippy advisor (a man Ed did not like, whatsoever) ignored them and tugged on Ling's sleeve, seeking attention. "Look! Look!" he said and pointed. "The door to your chambers is open. Your whore wanted to have intercourse with another in your own chambers!"

"Whore!" Ed exclaimed.

But Ling ignored him, his heart suddenly feeling heavy, the only voice he heard that of his advisor Rang, Reliable Rang.

"You heard him moan his 'lover's' name," Rang continued to say by his side.

"Now wait a minute!" Roy stepped forward.

"In Xing, adultery is answered with execution!" Rang snapped.

And with that, the entire hallway commotion went silent. Ed couldn't breathe for a second, but Roy gave his shoulder a firm shake, and he inhaled deeply and stared at Ling, golden eyes wide.

Rang coughed, and broke the silence. "However, we can't just kill the President of a neighboring country. An ally, at that. So, Fuhrer Mustang, you are off the hook until we discuss your choice in lovers in an upcoming meeting. The boy however..." his voice trailed into a high pitched chuckle, and he left the threat hanging as he turned to Ling. "Your Highness, what would you like to do with him?"

Ling, for once in his life, had been left speechless as a difficult decision was laid in front of him. It demanded an answer, quick.

He had honestly thought that he had wooed Edward. The man had been one of his consorts (and his favorite) for nearly two years. Half of Ling blamed himself for what was happening. Maybe if he had let Ed visit his friends over the border more often, or maybe if he hadn't given him so much freedom...

Why Roy Mustang? Why the Fuhrer? If Ling could have his way, he would kill the man Ed had had the affair with and then keep Ed under lock and key. Yes, that sounded nice. Ed for him, and only him, to see, feel, talk to, and touch.

But they were not so lucky...

He felt anger toward Edward, for putting him in such a difficult position, but no anger in the world would give him the right to cause Ed's death...

Suddenly, Ling's intensely sharp eyesight caught a reassuring squeeze the Fuhrer had given his lover to relax him. And the anger exceeded the boiling point.

To be an emperor one must make sacrifices, and those who get out of line must be put back into place. Love cannot get in the way.


Tags: 100 slash themes, fic, ling/ed

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