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A Gen Fic!

Author: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Characters: Ling and Ed
Notes: Dedicated to a good friend of mine, who challenged me to write a none yaoi fic. I know he's a big Roy Mustang fan, but I didn't put him in here. I'm sorry! I hope you enjoy it anyway, meiyo_jin .
Summary: Unfortunatly, he wasn't alone, the ledge was just barely big enough for two.


Another shiver wracked through Ed’s body. His arms tightened around himself, in a small attempt to keep some heat. It was cold, below freezing, way below, and here he was, stuck on the a small ledge, with only a big brown jacket to keep him warm.Unfortunatly, he wasn't alone, the ledge was just barely big enough for two.

He looked up at the person he was sharing all this misery with… And glared."Stop staring at me," he hissed to the Xingian.

Despite his discomfort, Ling gave the blonde a rather big smile. "I am not staring. Just concerned. You won’t stop shivering," he noted.

"S-S-Shut-up…" Ed stuttered, his teeth clacking together as they chattered. He quickly licked his chapped lips, and then closed his mouth, leaving his lips to fend the cold themselves.

They had already begun to freeze.

"Ed…" Ling started.

"Shut-up!" Ed snapped, interrupting the prince. Ling gaped at him, as he licked his lips again and nestled down. Bringing his knees up, so they could hide under his heavy coat, he reminded himself to wiggle his toes to make sure they were still there. He didn't look at the hurt on Ling’s face.

Silence hung in the air as a moment or two passed by. The wind hissed by their heads in the meantime, causing their hair to frizz and freezing their ears. Finally, Ling spoke up. "Edward…" Ed didn’t say anything to him. "If I die, I want you to strip me of all I have, in order for you to survive…"

Ed’s head snapped in his direction, eyes wide and confused. "You can use my coat for warmth…" Ling explained. "And who knows how long you will be stuck here, without food or…" his voice trailed off. Ed wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. "You could use the meat on my bones for food."

Ed’s body jerked. "W-What?" he stuttered, searching the Xingian’s face for any sign that it was another one of his jokes. When he found none, he looked away, disgusted. "You're… You're sick, you know that?" he asked.

"Edward…" Ling started, "look…"

"No, you look!" Ed snapped. "You're… You're just saying that, to ease your own guilt!" he accused.

Ling looked astounded. "What!" he demanded.

"You think we’re going to die up here, and you think I’m going to die up here. And you're already planning to take my coat, and… And eat me to fucking survive!" He huffed, eased his arms under the armpits of his jacket, and puffed out the visible air.

"We’re going to survive…" Ed stated.

Ling was shaking his head. "I never doubted that," he said and saw Ed relax a little. "But if I did die first, Ed, I would want you to survive. So would you?" he asked, "Would you eat me?"

Ed licked his lips, then stopped, realizing how inappropriate it was. He let out a heavy sigh. "No, Ling, I… I couldn’t bring myself to do that."

Ling opened his mouth to object, and Ed’s golden stared silenced him. "I wouldn’t do it to Al, or Winry, or Auntie Pinako, or any of my friends," he said.

Another long moment of silence and then Ling asked, "So I’m your friend?"

Ed buried his head in his arms, knowing that if they did survive, the Xingian would never let this go. "Yeah, Ling, you’re my friend," he said, voice slightly muffled by his jacket.

He didn’t look up, but he knew Ling was smiling, and then Ling’s voice asked, "Would you eat Colonel Mustang?"



...Ed looked up for a snappy comment, when something light fell and hit his head. It didn’t hurt, but when Ed titled his head to look up it fell, and he saw that it was a rope. "Huh?"

Ling sighed beside him. "Oh, Ran Fan has aided us sooner than I requested."

And then Ed saw red…

Tags: fic, gen, ling/ed

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