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Havoc/Al stuff

Icons and A Fic!

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None Smoking Area
"Stop smoking," the smaller blond commanded, his beautiful bronze eyes narrowing on his lover, a taller blond, who just gave him a bored look and sucked on his cigraette harder in response.

"Jean-" Al started, whining and leaning into the Second Lieutenant's lap, "I'm serious, put it out. You know I hate it when you smoke."

"Not my problem," Havoc stated, expertly balancing the cigarette in his mouth as he spoke. Al growled at him, and took his weight off of Jean's lap, pouting in the corner of the couch.

"Fine," he huffed, not pressing the subject further while Jean finished his cigarette.

The man then put it out in the small ash tray, supplied on the coffee table, before turning back to Al with a stupid grin. "Okay," he said, "Now where were we..." he leaned in, wetting his lips, ready for one of Al's aggressive lip-locks, when he was suddenly pushed away.

It took a moment before he figured out that Al had dodged his kiss, and was now making his way to the kitchen. "A-Al!" he exclaimed, totally thrown back by his lover. Was Al really that mad at him?

Al whirled on his heel to face Jean, his blond bangs falling into his eyes, while his ponytail still wagged behind his head. "There's no way I'm gonna kiss you while you smell like ash!" he replied, turning to enter the kitchen and leaving Jean on the couch, to pout.

-Kind of short, I know! But this is what came to mind when I thought of Al/Havoc as a couple! A lot of other things came to mind as well, but...

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