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Ling/Ed My New OTP

Well, I still love Hei/Ed :?

Author: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary:"I love you..." Ed cooed, puckering his lips and trying to look as sexy as possible.
Words: 538


"I love you..." Ed cooed, puckering his lips and trying to look as sexy as possible.

When he was given no answer, his face narrowed into a determined look and he stated sternly, "I love you..." Still no answer came, and now Ed's face changed again, and he looked like a shy school boy. "I-I love you..." he whispered.

To his annoyance, his reflection (once again) did not answer him.

He sighed, and rubbed his hand over his face, as if trying to wipe away all of his expressions. "This is harder than it looks..." he murmured to himself looking up and into tired, golden eyes.

Ling was probably searching for him... Yes, and here he was, in the middle of some random hallway in the Xingian Royal Palace, muttering words of feeling.. To his reflection... To a shield.

The ancient item looked so pretty, mounted on the wall. Its steel was shiny and still well kept. Ed couldn't pass without looking at his reflection, and then he had started to make faces, then began grooming himself to look good for his prince, and finally he had been whispering sexy words. From there, he went on to practice saying those three words.

"I love you..." he repeated again, this time with his face flat and emotionless. "I love you. I love you..." a long pause, then, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!" Ed screamed.

A deep throated chuckle was heard behind him, and he spun around to stare in bewilderment at Ling. Ed's face heated up, and he looked away, biting his lower lip hard.

Ling had a certain... Bounce to his step, as he walked out from behind the corner. "You know..." he said, "If you love that shield so much, I wouldn't mind giving it to you."

All of the color drained from Ed's face and he gawked at Ling, who seemed happy and content, as usual. "W-W-What!" he exclaimed.

"I said-" Ling started, but the shield was ripped off the wall it had hung on and chucked at him, in one quick motion. Ling was cut off, as he brought his arms up to protect his head from the large metal object. It crashed against them, then fell to the ground with a loud clang that echoed throughout the halls.

Ling looked up, and saw Ed's retreating back. "Edward?" he asked, confused.

"I wasn't saying 'I love you' to the fucking shield!" Ed snapped, turning quickly to give him a deadly stare.

Ling raised his eyebrows and tilted his head a little in confusion. "Then what were you-"

Once again Edward Elric rudely interrupted him, "I WAS PRACTICING SAYING 'I LOVE YOU' TO YOU, YOU STUPID FUCK!" He turned quickly on his heel, so that his blond ponytail swung behind him dramatically, and made a loud exit.

His stomping could still be heard down the hallway when Ling bent and picked up the fallen antique, laughing lightly the entire time.

Practicing? For him? Oh, Edward Elric was an amusing creature, and adorably cute, in his own little way. His own, loud, stomping, shield-throwing way.

With that, Ling hung up the shield where it belonged, and followed Edward's retreating form down the halls.

Ed had just then, told him that he loved him (whether Ed liked it or not) and Ling was not about to let those words leave down the hall, with their beautiful exotic blonde, unscathed.

-Fin (Or is it)

Tags: fic, ling/ed

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