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Ling/Ed ficbit (Pyscho Roy!?)

Author: alchemistx 
Beta: sixteen_letters
Ling/Ed (Onsided Roy/Ed)
Summary: "Loss of words, Prince? Don't know what I am? Well let me tell you what Ed always thought of me as..."
Warning: Character that is pyscho, and may include character death.
Rating: R
Words: 2110


Edward stood out like a sore thumb, standing among all the Xingian people. His blond hair and "antenna" didn’t rescue him from the sea of black heads. Ling and Ran Fan accompanied him, standing in a corner a little way away from the chattering party that surrounded them (just as he had thought) but still, they were not completely away from the party.

Ran Fan was in completely black attire, while Ling wore a silk robe with delicate decorations of red and orange (the Ling Clan colors). Edward was also wearing the colors, though on a vest and some loose silk pants. The fact alone that he was wearing Ling’s colors meant he was an important person. People didn’t need to point out his expensive clothes, with accompanying bangles, to make that assumption.

With a deep sigh, and one brush over of his clean tuxedo, Roy approached the group.

As he stepped up, Ed swirled the wine glass in his hand a little, greeting the General with an angry scowl. Ling wiggled his eyebrows innocently at the man, while Ran Fan stayed silent, as usual. Roy smacked on a charming smile and greeted Ling with a low bow. "Your Highness," he said and stood up to see Ling giving him an approving nod.

"Fuhrer," Ling said.

Roy didn’t give him a second glance, as he turned to Edward and extended his hand, "Full-" he started to greet, but found the flaw as Edward took his hand in an iron grip (purposely using his automail hand). But Roy didn’t let that bug him, and he kept his smile intact. "Edward," he greeted, and just like that the iron grip was gone, replaced with a friendly greeting as Edward gave him a sly smile.

Of course Edward no longer worked in the military, or under him. His title as Fullmetal was denounced, and he snapped at anyone who still called him that name… Well, anyone aside from Al.

Roy stared at Ling for a moment, and wondered if Ed allowed him to call him that name.

Ling gave him a cheerful smirk in reply to his stare, and Roy felt his gut twist.

"Nice to see you here, Fuhrer," Ed started, "I would have thought you would be too busy to visit Xing." He jiggled his wine a little in hand, and brought it gracefully up to his lips. Ling reached out and gentlystole it out of his hands before he could get a sip.

Amusing, Roy decided "I could never pass up an invitation to the throning of a new emperor. Especially one of an ally country. Or the opportunity to see an old friend." He grinned at Ed, whose golden eyes blazed back. It seemed like they held the gaze for hours, silently battling each other with their statements. Then Roy turned to Ling. He gave a deeply sympathetic apology, while his heart was leaping with joy, "Speaking of which, sorry you weren’t chosen to become emperor."

Ling let out an exasperated sigh, "Yes, it is truly sorrowful. But my brother, Genbe, is old, and will soon die." He perked up and smiled again, causing Roy to do the same.

"Yes, I have noticed," he noted.

Ed snorted by his side. "I’m not sorry. The last thing I need is two country leaders prancing about…"

Roy looked at him for a moment. "Yes, you most certainly don’t need two…" he said, voice low and (if Ling did say so) threatening. Roy looked back at Ling. "Edward, would you mind if I had a chat with His Highness?" he asked bluntly.

"Why are you asking me? If anyone, you should ask Ran Fan…" Ed stated, and Ling moaned. Roy arched an eyebrow at the two, then looked at Ran Fan, who nodded.

"I’m going to get more wine,"Ed stated,spinning on his heel, and began to walk away.

Ling’s lips twitched, as did Roy’s. "Ran Fan, go with him…" Ling said quickly, before the blonde could be lost in the crowd.

The woman nodded and disappeared after Ed. This left the two men together, alone to talk about whatever they pleased. Roy gestured to the garden with his own wine glass. "Shall we take a walk?" he asked.

Ling turned his gaze away from the crowd, and nodded his head, leading the General into the beautiful Palace Garden.


Roy had a plan. It had taken the entire month of his stay in Xing to come up with it, and to make everything perfect. But it was ready, and it was here.

As he escorted the Prince into the Garden, he distracted the man with idle small talk. "So I heard you were courting a young lady. Edward must not be pleased."

Ling sighed wearily, brow etched in deep thought and mouth turned into a frown as he spoke, "No, but if I want to become Emperor, I must have a woman to bear an heir."

"I did not see her at the party…" Roy noted.

"Shi is a sickly girl, and my brother wouldn’t have her getting his guest sick as well," Ling said.

"I see. So if you are courting this young woman, what of Edward?" Roy found himself asking, making a left and veering Ling off the course of the garden. Ling was in deep thought about the whole situation, didn’t notice the turn, and answered.

"He refuses to leave; I told him what this meant. Yet he stays by my side, as my secretary," he replied, "I would much rather he be my wife than Shi. I have told him this before, but he gets angry every time, claiming I would like him more as a woman. Though I see it in his eyes, he wishes he could be my wife as well."

Roy answered with an understanding ‘Hmmm’ and Ling continued ranting about his situation while Roy’s eye narrowed on an object in the darkness.

"He is only hurting himself, and I want him to go back to his country, yet I do not want him to leave my side. It is all really confusing," Ling admitted sadly, hanging his head a little.

Roy placed a steady hand on the small of the Prince's back. "I understand," he sighed. Just then a house-shaped structure could be seen in the darkness. He smiled.

The Maids' Quarters...

The Maids' Quarters, Roy had learned, used to be where the cooks prepared meals, before the emperor built them their own kitchen. The maids moved in but never used the kitchen, which was still intact. Roy stealthy lead Ling into through back door of the kitchen. Ling didn't object. If Roy had to guess, he would think Ling was still too lost in his mourning over Ed to notice.

"Of course you do," Ling sighed and before Roy knew what the youngest son was doing, Ling's hand made its way to the sword that had set at his side so elegantly that one would think it was just decoration, unsheathed it, and had it pointed at Roy's throat.

The threat was clear.

"But you don't care..." Ling stated, "You're just happy that Ed cannot marry me. You want him all for yourself." His eyes closed into narrow, angry slits that glared at Roy, daring him to move. Until they shot to look at their surroundings. Though none of his facial features changed, Roy could read the Prince's confusion well.

"The Maids' Quarters?" he breathed, "Why did you bring me here?"

Roy almost laughed. "Why did you come, if you knew I would probably confront you about him?" he asked.

The Prince's lips quirked into a smile. "Because I wanted to finish this once and for all," he stated.

An empty threat, Roy's mind registered, and he gave the prince his own smirk. "So did I..." he replied, raising a hand threatingly.

Ling sucked in a quick breath and jumped away. Holding his sword up in a defensive pose, he prepared to avoid being burned. But the snap never came, and he looked closer at Roy's raised hand.

The glove had no symbol on it, and that meant one thing, a fluke.

He gawked, giving Roy time to take out his true weapon, a small army knife. He charged, and got a good cut on Ling's hand, in hopes that the man would let go of his sword. But stubborn Ling only gripped the sword harder, and jumped out of the way before Roy could get another jab in.

They danced like this for a few seconds, each movement quick and decisive. Ling was dodging, and Roy was on the attack, the Prince thinking he was outsmarting the old war hero.

But Roy had thought this through. He had thought this all through, the place, the reasons, and the perfect way to kill Ling.

And Ling played right into his gloved hands, pausing and taking note of Roy's already panting breaths. "Does this tire you, Fuhrer of Amestris?" he asked.

Roy stopped acting, taking Ling off guard and smirking. "Not at all," he said charmingly and then raised his other hand. There was another glove on it, but this one had an alchemic symbol. Ling stood in place, seemingly judging if this was the real thing or not. By time he had made up his mind, it was too late.

Roy's fingers twitched into a snap.

It was small in Roy's opinion, and the fire missed the Prince on purpose, while the explosion blew Ling back, and he hit the huge metal door of the cooler with a loud thump that echoed throughout the room.

Roy gulped, and glanced around the room. Everything was still intact, and after a few picked-up items, no one would notice that there had been any fight. He turned to Ling, who was shaking his head and groaning.

He quickly strode up, and picked Ling up by the collar of his silk garments. Roy ignored him for the time being, his other hand busy with the next step: undoing the latches on the metal freezer.

It opened after a moment, for his skillful fingers, Roy threw the heavy metal open with a huff, and then carelessly tossed Ling in.

By now Ling was coming to, and he stared back at Roy in horror. "You are planning on leaving me here?" he asked, trying to scramble to his feet, but he fell after a moment, and Roy could only laugh.

"You cannot be serious." Ling glared. "This is crazed, people will look for me, Ed saw me leave with you," he announced.

Roy leaned against the door frame, staring dreamily and watching Ling squirm. "I have already asked. None of your maids come into the kitchen. Therefore not opening this freezer." He looked at the door proudly. "It is a very big door, I doubt you'll make enough noise to alert them," he stated.

"As for Ed, only he and your body guard saw me leave with you, a simple 'I saw him leave to join you' will get them off my back eventually." It was all secured, it was all thought out, it was all perfect.

"And what of Ed, he is the reason you are doing this, no?" Ling asked.

Roy smiled as he remembered Ed, "I will sweep him off his feet, of course. You abandoned him for a wife and to be an emperor. He would believe me if I told him you abandoned him again. Then he can return to Amestris, and live happily."

Ling looked at him, horrified. "You... you..." he couldn't find a word.

Roy laughed out triumphantly, and reached over to close the door. Ling found strength again and started scrambling desperately to his feet. He stood up just as Roy said, "Loss of words, Prince? Don't know what I am? Well let me tell you what Ed always thought of me as..."

He replayed the words Ed had always said, over and over, and they never seemed more true, considering what he was doing right now.

And all for Ed...

"A bastard..." he said calmly. Ling paused as the light from outside got smaller and smaller, and then he screamed in frustration and lunged for the door, just as it shut with another large sound, that made the door sound so heavy it would never open, ever again.

Roy quietly shut the locks on the door, and whispered to himself, "A complete bastard...," then returned to the party.


I have so much that I can't say...

Tags: fic, ling/ed

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