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Another Fic

Author: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Rating: PG
Summary: His lover was a rich and powerful man who liked to flaunt these things, and use them to show Edward just how much he loved him.
Words: 351


His lover was a rich and powerful man who liked to flaunt these things, and use them to show Edward just how much he loved him.

The night before, for when they were making love, his lover had bought some off the most exotic and beautiful flowers in the known world. Rose petals, in particular, littered their silk sheets and left their fresh and fragrant mark.

His rich and powerful lover leaned down and brushed his lips against Ed's neck, whispering in a deep, seductive voice just how much each flower had cost. 'I would only do it for you, love.' Ed had felt a shiver run down his spine at that husky voice, and had allowed himself to be tackled to the bed, had let rough hands ravage his body as he sucked in the deep aroma of rose petals.

It was heaven, it had to be, with the scent, the loving touches, and delicious kisses planted all over his back, the wonderful feeling of being jacked off in his lover's firm hand. It was heaven, it had to be...

And then he'd wake up from heaven, as the morning light made its way into the bedroom, and showed Edward an empty bed.

Up early again, off to work, off to rule the world, off to...

Keep their love a secret, and Ed really couldn't blame him for it. He had a country that looked up to him, a country whose people probably wouldn't take orders from a... Gay.

They kept the charade up for now, only close friends, and only certain family members were let in on their secret.

For now it didn't bug Ed all that much. He knew it would eventually, something was bound to happen, but for now, 'I'll just sit back and smell the roses.'

He fell back into his spot on the bed and sniffed one lost rose petal that had survived the night. He let out a long, exasperated sigh before drifting back to sleep, leaving the name of the man who had done all this on his lips.



Yeah, The idea was to make you believe it was Roy, and then in the end it turns out it was Ling. Just to show you they have more in common then the love of Ed =D

And whats really sad is that this is just the begining, while writing this I got hit with another Ed/Ling bunny, so thats on a disk right now, and while writing that I got hit by a NOVEL of a bunny @__@ just what I need, but thats in the making as well.

Tags: fic

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