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Alfons Angst [Fic]

Author: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
Hei/Ed (Hyde)
Rating: PG-13
Summary:His research partner was what Alfons was, but he was also much more. He was his friend, he was his...
Warning: Blood (thats all really. Beware the Blood... )
Words: 561


Edward watched fondly as a familiar blond woman bounced a giggling toddler on her lap, humming a happy tune. He wondered who the Riza look-alike had had the baby with, and wasn't really surprised when another familiarly faced man joined up with his family. His dark eyes were dancing happily as he handed his wife and child their ice cream cones.

Beside him, Alfons coughed lightly, hiding it behind a gloved hand. Edward turned to the man, and gave him a fond smile. "I guess we should get back; it is getting cold." Alfons nodded a little, his coughing stopping momentarily, as he did so, before it went racking through his body once again.

Edward's mind didn't even register that this was another serious coughing fit affecting his friend, until the young man collapsed to the ground. His hand was pressed firmly over his mouth as he fell, face contorting in pain, body shaking, and still coughing even as the first glimpse of crimson began sliding through his fingers.

Ed was at his side immediately, eyes wide in panic and confusion about what to do. One hand found itself at Alfons' back, making small, reassuring circles as Edward's eyes begged him to stop coughing. "Alfons! Alfons!"

More blood. Ed forced Alfons' hand to lower itself from over his mouth, and saw that his whole chin and mouth were smeared red. He gulped down the sick feeling lurching up in his throat and took the end of his scarf to start dabbing at the red stain. His mind drew a blank when it came to helping Alfons with his coughing. He could do little but watch with worried eyes, and in his mind, scream at Alfons, "Please stop, Please stop, Please stop!..."

Alfons was struggling to breathe. He was still coughing, and blood was still coming up. He made an effort to swallow some of it, making Ed tense as he gasped for more air. "Alfons d-don't do that. You'll drown..." It sounded silly, but Ed didn't care. It could happen.

They had made a scene in the park. People stared in confusion and were debating with themselves if they should help. One person called for a doctor, and another was already at Ed and Alfons' side. He gasped. "He needs a hospital!" he announced, and made an effort to push Edward aside and scoop Alfons up.

Edward's mind flashed white for a moment as he felt firm arms push him away from his... his... Brother was the first word that came to mind, and Ed mentally scolded himself for confusing the two. His research partner was what Alfons was, but he was also much more. He was his friend, he was his...

Edward pushed back, and, on instinct, wrapped his arms around Alfons, who looking as if he was about to fall unconscious. His coughing subsided to gentle puffs escaping his lips, but there was still so much blood on those lips. Ed licked his own, imagining the salty taste. "Don't touch him..." he whispered, and then looked at the bystander with fearful, angry eyes. Ed screamed, "Don't you dare touch him!"

The man backed away, and no one else made a move to separate the two. Edward cuddled Alfons' limp body until the para medics came, whispering to himself, "please stop, please stop, please stop..."


Tags: fic, hyde

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