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What Another?

Yes, Yes another Hyde Theme...

Theme: 5- Dream
Author: alchemistx
Beta: sixteen_letters
HeiEd (Hyde)
Rating: PG
Summary: "My nightmare... Was about you."

It was early in the morning. Not even the landlady was up, and Edward was in a deep sleep on the couch. But he, Alfons Heiderich, for all he was worth, could not sleep! It had been like that for six days straight. He would only get a few hours of sleep before something (a dream, or noise, or restless mind) would wake him up. Then he would be stuck with the dreadful task of lying in bed for hours until he grew bored enough, and his body would finally let him drift off into sleep. But that would be short-lived, because Edward would soon come bounding in and demand a white shirt, or book, or just to wake him up.

He would be mad at his research partner for an hour, then drag himself out of bed for another grueling day of reading books and mapping out blueprints.

His eyes drooped, and he took another swig of the milk he had poured, in hopes that it would help him get back to sleep sooner. He shuffled his feet under the table, and leaned back deep into his hard, wooden chair. An exasperated sigh escaped his lips, and then another one echoed in the small kitchen... But the second hadn't belonged to him.

The light in the kitchen suddenly flickered on. (He had left it off, in another poor attempt at getting to sleep, even if it would be at the kitchen table.) Alfons quickly lifted his body into the proper position in his chair, held his milk mug in a firm grasp, and looked a lot like a soldier in attention. It took a moment for him to actually gather his wits, though, and he turned in his chair to see who had entered the kitchen. His body relaxed at the sight of Edward.

The foreigner arched an eyebrow at him and lowered his gloved hand from the light switch. "What are you doing up?" he asked in a hoarse and tired voice.

Alfons gave him a weak smile. "Couldn't sleep..." he answered. "You?"

Ed walked over and pulled out a chair from underneath the table, the one nearest Alfons. He rubbed sleep from his golden eyes as he said, "Same. Ugh, damn nightmares..."

Alfons tilted his head to the side at the odd statement. "You have nightmares?" he asked, mouth opened slightly in surprise. He quickly closed it though, when Edward gave him a cold, disbelieving glare. "I mean... Of course you do, you're human, too..." he stuttered, feeling his face flush in embarrassment. He took another swig of his milk. Edward just didn't seem the type to have... Nightmares!

Ed gave him another nasty look. Al didn't know if it was because of his slip of the tongue or the simple fact that he was drinking milk. Ed hated milk. Before the young man sighed and pillowed his head on his arms, he admitted, "Yeah, I have nightmares... Mostly... Of my brother."

Alfons suddenly found that his milk had become hard to swallow.

It was about his brother, the other Alphonse. The little voice in the back of his head nagged, it's always about him. Alfons noticed Ed wasn't making eye contact with him any longer. The Elric was deep in thought and Alfons felt... Uncomfortable, like he didn't belong. He always felt that way when Ed talked about his little brother. He always felt a knot of jealousy at the way Edward would go on and on about his sibling, and his gut would twist as Ed compared them. It was almost laughable, the way the young man, Alphonse, made him feelthat way,without even being there, and it made him feel childish.

I need to go... He told himself, leave Edward with the memories of his brother, but before Alfons could scoot his chair back enough to excuse himself, Edward had started talking again, "But tonight..." Ed said quietly, his voice low, pinning Alfons in place. "My nightmare... Was about you."

Alfons nearly fell out of his chair as he gasped, "M-Me?"

Edward's yellow eyes locked onto him (finally). "Yeah... Strange, huh...?" He forced a laugh. "You-You died, and..." Edward's voice trailed off, and he seemed genuinely disturbed about his dream. Alfons, however, was almost grinning. The thought that Ed was concerned with him, called his death a "nightmare,"made him feel loved (as selfish as it may have sounded), and he basked in that love for the moment.

"Oh, Ed..." he sighed, his lips curling into a small smile, "I'm not going anywhere..." Ed looked at him, relief and embarrassment crossing his young features. He started to say something, before Alfons pushed his chair back and stood up. "Don't worry so much," he said, and in a quick motion, bent down and pressed a quick peck to Edward's forehead.

"I'm going to bed now," he stated as he stood back up, walking out of the kitchen and leaving a baffled and madly blushing Edward Elric in his wake.

Even though Alfons had told his younger partner that he would retire to bed, the German knew that it would be another good hour or so before his body stopped feeling so lightweight, and sleep took over.


Tags: fic, hyde

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