Back only to move again!

Hey everyone! Its been awhile /Peeks head in and out!

Just so you know, I have a another journal, one for my Japanese and Anime (and Japan) related love! I miss the old FMA fandom and will be doing my best to get back into it, but in the meantime I'm slowly going to move everything over to that journal, so come say high and what not over at deelife .

Love you all
Ja Ne! <3


So I haven't been on this journal in a long time, and I thought it was time for a change. So I have a new journal, still cranking out the fanfiction there, so check it out. 


Woah! I Wrote!

Title: Excepting You

Warning:  Not Beta’d- in fact, so not beta’d it hurts! D: 
 Pairing: Ling/Ed
Summary:...He was surprised to find Edward sprawled out on the bed, with Ling’s lean form straddling on top

Happy Birthday sky_dark 

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Let me just start by saying... 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sky_dark !!

If Ling/Ed was Christianity you would be the Virgin Mary my dear! :D

Second, had a a crappy day at School only to come home and find out there was a Ling/Ed Party going on in my computer! It brightened up my day! Thanks Everyone who wrote Ling/Ed for Sky! Not only did you make her brithday great, you made my day great!


P.S.- Sky your present will be presented once I find time to write! <3


The plot bunnies are being jerks ;_; 

Could someone give me a Ling/Ed plot bunny? Please!

I really feel the need to write Ling/Ed! (Or even something else! D:) 


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FMA Movie

Just saw the FMA (Enlgish) Movie- I know I know, what took so long? But I did it, K! >.>

Anyway, gotta say Madly in love with Hyde once more! (Mmm, Hyde + Ling would = my one true love, will see what I can do about that XD) and i'm type type typing away at some stories ideas I have. 

Will hopefully post some in the next seven days, but schools being naggy wife at the moment and I have to pay attention or she'll throw a shoe at me! =.=

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I am tackling this writers block! I am sitting in front of my computer today and typing! I'm not leaving uless for food, or my family commands it. Thats right the world out there is to scary for me, I like my computer better. So come on Ling x Ed muses Tackle lets tackle this thing! 

RAWR!!!  :F
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